4 Things You Need to Know to Attract True Love


“When you can feel someone else’s pain and joy as if it’s your own, that’s when you know you really love them.”

–       Ann Brashares

1) We Judge People 

Is this right? No. But this is the way it is. The looks play an important role in creating the first impression. Often if to take only appearance the judgement we make is wrong. True values of the heart are not seen right away and take only second place in our people-scale.

Whether you have a lifelong partner or are waiting for one, what does your ideal look like? What personality traits should he or she possess? What is the most important for you? Think these questions over but remember you can go just as far by only looks. You may already have learned the hard way that pretty face may carry emptiness inside. And some time after you discover that you have nothing to talk about.

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2) When You Take Enough Time to Learn About the Person 

When you like what is inside, you start to see that face in a different light. No rush. Take time and pay attention. Life may be short or long, and no one knows how much time you have. Who is the one to share it with you? Who will become your soul mate, your trusted friend, love of your life? Patience in every aspect of this process is crucial. 

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3) Learn to Live With Yourself in Harmony 

You will be able to attract the right person to be your companion, your lover, and your friend when you feel love and acceptance toward yourself. You should receive sincere and handsome compliments self-compliments every day. This will teach your heart to beat in a rhythm of love-attraction.

Family can be the most magnificent experience of supreme understanding and affection. This is the most nourishing and fulfilling relationship that can help you to grow and prosper. Just think about the purpose of a family partnership. What does it mean for you?

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4) You Have to Know Exactly What You Want 

Know where you want to go in your relationship. Know the end point of this joined voyage. You will find yourself in a place you’ve created in your mind and believed in. If you are looking for a person to smooth over your loneliness – you will get that kind of a person that can just be there, present but meaningless. And you will get tired of each other at some point. Nothing to talk about and no need to spend time together. And here you are: scheduling and overscheduling yourself just so that you don’t have to come home. People you don’t really want to see, but the more the better – no need to think of the gloominess of your life.  

But you can come to a more certain ground if you are more specific about what you expect from your significant other. Think about everything from outside decoration to the filling inside. Be precise about what you expect from your partner and what You are ready to lay on the table of this partnership feast. There is no way to get a delicious culinary masterpiece that will make others marvel at your skill unless you put effort and creativity into it. You will have the most delicious love experience when you get ready for it with loving anticipation, take time to choose the perfect ingredients, and cherish every minute of the process of union-creation. 

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“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.”

– Gail Lumet Buckley 

The effort you put into making the defining decision in your life will pay you tenfold. You are the most important ingredient in this universe-recipe. You influence people around you and when you get better, someone beside you advances to a different level as well. Very often to bring fresh air to your relationship you need to start with yourself. And if you are alone at this very moment – the effort in altering the usual course of your thoughts, and consequently behavior will attract feelings you’ve been longing for. 

“Happiness unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”


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