Why Social Media Overtakes the World


“I want to have memories that are realities and are better than anything that can ever happen to anyone”, said P. in a husky, breathy voice, and stole cautiously towards the house.


P. always had a real aesthetic passion for antiquity. He bought a house, magnificent and terribly incommodious. It was offered at a great bargain. He was working tooth and nail to pay the bills. Now this property was out of danger. But there was time when he almost lost it… and himself.

P. was tall, lean, loosely and feebly put together. His face was ugly, sickly grayish color. But it was a charming face – he looked clever and ill. His blazing eyes were beautiful. In his three-and-seventy he stepped in his life with the eager nimbleness of a boy. The time when he was seven-and-fifty, ruined in spirit, body, and monies had been far away but not forgotten.

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1) Early Days and Struggles

His success was not rapid and had much of the inoffensiveness of failure. He was kind when he needed to be cruel, generous when life asked for frugality, emotional and quick-tempered when patience and reserve were at stake.

The house was too much for him in many ways. Too expensive, too big, too ugly, too isolated, too everything. It had an Elizabethan flavor about it and served as another nail in the ancient coffin of his financial troubles. Still, it became his salvation, ruining him and reviving anew. It was the sunshine of his life and he protected it with volcanic energy. 

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You need the push and self-assertiveness to get ahead in professional life.

When a great natural aptitude for your business is in you, you are never as happy as when you do what you’ve been created for. Often, one needs many years and struggles to find the very thing one likes. In the course of working life, one parts with many illusions. The stories of success help the faculty of being interested in life from becoming worn out. There are many wonderful people, true people, and getting to know them virtually or personally is like going to a revival meeting and being converted to a success creed.

2) Close to Devastation

P.’s nature was the one that improved under strain that would kill a weaker person. He realized his mistake in buying this place but in ex post facto manner. He got into a financial pit and lost everything. He didn’t feel weepy, drying up the springs of regret in his heart. All faculties of his mighty brain were thrown into a struggle to find a way to get his dear home back. He could not see himself full and contented without it. One can pity such devotion towards a soulless thing, but he had a heart big enough to hold the love for the building, and the bodies occupying it and sharing his devotion. His wife seldom lost sight of the fact of him being so passionate about it. She interrupted his life with friendship and observed it with love, so he never had lack of affectionate emotion coming from a dear soul.

They stayed in the house waiting for the order to desert it. He couldn’t even think about the need to part with his dear soulless friend. His brain was all in a whirl, looking for the quick way to set them all at ease. Prior to that time, P. worked days and nights to keep it warm and cozy for his family. He had no chance to enjoy the luxury of staying in it long enough to warm his heart. The truck business he owned was calling his attention. When the first heavy snowfall left him in debt, three of his trucks broken and the forth offered as means to pay for the loss – he had no job and no money to spare even on food.

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Never let yourself being invaded by a failure.

It, when coming to your life, should push you even harder to the goal you have. You become wiser with every misfortune, it enlarges your horizon. Every succeeding act of your life play is going to be better, more joyous, and less sad. Look for the stock of professional stories that are available online. People talk with vividness about their achievements, showing the way to success and giving a favorable interpretation to everything. And we all need a positive view on things, an optimistic expectation from life. This kind of energy is healthy for your mind, soul, and body.

3) Glimmer of a Solution

The idea presented itself when P. started to wander through his social media accounts. Now he had more time to look at his friends’ pages, admiring happy families of ones, and successful lives of travel and adventure of others. He was not discouraged by the displayed accomplishments of his former classmates, neighbors, and distant and close relations. P. was rather motivated to find a way to improve his life so that he can claim his house a soul property with no dread to lose it and enjoy his stay in it when and as long as he wanted.

He was searching through the success stories of other people, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram influencers. People who were drafting the rules to live by, and enjoyed what they did, earning their living, commanding their time, and mastering their futures. He thought himself almost past everything but the former business he knew. Was it late to learn a different route in life? P. was taken up with the idea to add an internet turn to his life and regain freedom.

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Always put new steps and slides to your idea.

If one way of reaching it is not working, do not change the idea, change the way to it. Add spring and variety to your imagination. Go against some obstacles and around them, outran them with your feeling and faith in a favorable outcome. You should always look back at the people who are able to introduce you to the world of ideas and propel your mental awakening. The atmosphere of endeavor, of expectancy and bright hopefulness should prevail in your life. This blissful vibe attracts positive events in life.

4) A Breakthrough Idea

P.’s excitable temperament rebounded from one extreme to the other. His belief in the sacred character of his social media enterprise made him almost tremble with passionate rage. And an idea gained in force by the energy with which it was expressed. His countrified old house served as his Muse. He filmed his life story and the history of the place, both of them worn like coins that had been long out of use. He kept the video at a high temperature, the success of it owed much to the mysterious melancholy of the place, where things had happened – many people died there, and that made it full of life.

Viral it became, being perfect frost for about two months and after that, suddenly, hundreds, thousands, and millions of views across all social media platforms. People spread the content, shared it with their friends and family. P.’s heart spoke to the hearts of other people. He made his life a poem, cuffed and buffeted through the world it became a hymn of struggle and devotion.

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Shoot out with your idea.

It may take time and many trials to get to the point you want. Never despair. Break into a run if needs be or slow down with it if time is not right. But never lose a strong hold of it. Do not try to live like the mice in the kitchen, making no noise, leaving no traces – be loud if it helps, be bright and big, and make people notice you. Do not be consumed by life, rather, dominate it and set your own nutrition standards.

5) Relief and Freedom

P. lost many things that others kept at his age, but his inner glow didn’t fade. He hadn’t lost the fire of life. His skin was hardened by hard work, old lazy eyes kept the images from the past, and all the strong things of his heart came out in his body, that was so tireless in serving generous emotions.

Freedom added vigor to P.’s personality. The list of his followers was huge, he shared every memorable event in the course of his crowded years and those videos had a deep color of emotion, that didn’t leave a nerve in people that was not twisted. He happened to be gifted with the ability to speak to the hearts of others and make an adventure even from a simple life event. His stories were fascinating, his personality captivating.

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Never cease to crave freedom.

So many people are bound to devote every hour of their life to the task they do not like, their glances repressed, their voices hushed. Life goes on for them without delight, only evasions and negations, saving cramps of moments to be with dear people and back to the artificial toils of working life. Do not be negative about your dreams. Start as a hobby and step by step make every effort to help it become dominant in your professional life. Only when you do what you love you live freely, not working anymore but enjoying every day you devote to your favorite venture, that now earns you a living.

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Your enthusiasm, your violent likes drive your life and assert themselves in all the every-day occupations of it. Work should be a prolonged festival. Every trial and obstacle should acquire celebrity by their defeat. Find a story that inspires you and a person that motivates you. Do not lose inquisitive and experimental quality and always boost every intellectual pace of your mind. Read and research, share your ideas and look for the advice from people who already at the point of their life where you are aiming to go.

Stay tuned…


  1. Social media (and the internet in general) can be a great tool for propelling your business and career forward! However, like anything, it also has its downfalls, too.

  2. I think that these days social media is an unreal reflection of want to be’s and it is hard to judge from a post or a photo what’s real it in and what is not. Anyone can pretend to be someone else on social media, the same way as the models who people look at have completely different lives that shown on their feeds.

  3. I am definitely on social media A LOT (it’s for work as well as pleasure) but I don’t let it control my mood. People get into trouble when they let social media control how they feel about their lives. I never ever do that!

  4. Loving the third tip about actually putting steps and slides to your idea. That’s why whenver I’m coming up with an idea I imagined, I’m qucik to also note down possible drawbacks and solutions for the same. Makes me really push forth!

  5. You do have to begin with a belief in yourself to be able to get yourself moving forward. And modeling success based on what others do is a good way to start. But ultimately you have to be the best you out there to make your success longterm and lasting.

  6. I really think that social media is a great way to meet people and help businesses and websites grow. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the negative aspects that comes from social media. For me personally I try to avoid the negativity and focus on what is hepful and positive.

  7. Social media is DEFINITELY taking over the world and I think it’s both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because it keeps our friends and family connected – but it’s bad because a lot of people compare themselves to one another in a negative fashion, only making themselves feel badly about something they lack.

  8. I love social media, but I try to balance it. Some people are way too extreme, and I hate when people make it seem like they have these perfect lives. I prefer the real life!

  9. I have noticed that social media has become an integral part of everyday life.. I have also found myself having to back away and focus on whats in front of me in the hear and now. Kelli A

  10. This article is so helpful and very informative about social media. But as of the whole word now. Social media is part of everyone’s life. so you did a great tips how to manage and conquer it.

  11. Our lives have changed a lot due to Social media.It has its positive side but also a negative. Staying in touch with friends and relatives is great. However putting EVERY little thing you are doing is not a good thing.

  12. Social media is exhausting. Full of unreality and perfect pictures. It’s hard to tell what’s real or not. Truth is relative.

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