3 Things to Know to Build Your Happiness


“When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness.”

– Dr. Joyce Brothers

1) Becoming a Better Person

Becoming a better person will bring a breath of fresh air to your existing relationships or will help you in your search for a life-long partner. To start this journey of self-exploration you should go to a lonely room, the one you may like to spend time in when a company is around, but now it will be only you… and you.

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2) To Live Every Day With Yourself

To live every day with yourself is a challenge. Most people need distractions in their lives as they have nothing to say to themselves to make the lonely time an amusing experience. You should never feel lonely as there is always something to talk about with a smart person (and you should consider yourself to be one). If you want other people to be interested in you, listen to you, agree with your opinions and enjoy spending time with you – you need to be interested in yourself and to have your own opinion on subjects.

Don’t make a habit of believing in something only because other people think it is so. We have a lot of examples from the past and present when the truth everybody considered as unquestionable and  later it proved to be a false belief or even a plague for the rest of the world. If it is necessary to make a choice, make it using your own judgment. Take a simple example such as going to see a movie. How often has it happened before when the majority thought a film was great and you considered it a timewaster deep in your heart? Don’t be afraid to express your own opinion.

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3) Directly to This Face You Say Some Things

Still, it is not easy to live with this person that looks at you from the mirror. Directly to this face you say some things that may leave you with no friends and family if you are as harsh to them as you are to yourself. You keep old regrets and offenses under a bright light in your “office-brain-space”. Mark Twain said: “We should be careful to get out of an experience all the wisdom that is in it…” The wisdom of this quote is well known but very often we know something in our brains but are not able to accept it in our hearts. If you keep telling yourself something constantly – eventually you don’t just know it is true, but you feel it as so.

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. (George Bernard Shaw)

Remember: everything starts with a thought (first it is an idea then it becomes an action). You are able to change anything in your life, but you need to shift your own thinking first.


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