Twin Sisters Who Look Nothing Alike: Fraternal Twins Are Radically Different


Maria and Lucy Aylmer are twin sisters, but most people don’t believe they are. 

The girls live in Gloucester, UK with their father Vince, Caucasian, and mother Donna, half-Jamaican. 

Maria has dark hair, dark eyes and skin tone similar to her mother’s. Her sister Lucy is a red haired, blue eyed, and extremely fair skinned girl. 

Sisters’ appearance is very rare but easily explained. Non-identical, fraternal twins are often the result of the mother releasing two eggs at the same time, both of them become fertilized by two different sperms. 

Donna carried genes both black and white skin, and one girl inherited fair skin, whereas the other girl – dark one. In most cases like that children have a “blend” of both parents’ features.

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