The World’s First Mental Health Ambulance: Sweden Fights Suicide Rates


Stockholm introduces the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PAM) – a mental health care ambulance. 

It is the first ambulance of such kind in the world. There are comfortable seats and warm light inside. The team that response to the call includes two mental health nurses and one paramedical specialist.

On average PAM responds to over 130 calls per month. The team helps people who are suicidal and those who suffer from severe mental illness. They talk to the person in distress and determine if hospitalization is needed. 

In its first year PAM was requested 1,580 times and attended 1,254 cases. This scheme offers the right response to very delicate emergencies. 

Stockholm is the only Swedish city to take initiative to reduce suicide rates implementing new approach. The success of this innovative idea encourages other regions to set up the same scheme. 

Hopefully, this Mental Health Ambulance will become a worldwide accepted standard in the nearest future.

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