The Sahara Desert Painted White With Snow: Snowstorms Blanket Rare Parts of the World


Snow visited this landscape in 1979, December 2016, and January 2018.

In 2018 for the third time in 40 years Ain Sefra, a desert town in Algeria, experienced a substantial amount of snow.

High pressures over Europe caused cold air to be pulled down into northern Africa and the Sahara Desert.

Northern Africa, where the Sahara currently is, was once covered with large lakes, vegetation, animals, and human settlements.

About 5,000 years ago northern Africa’s moisture was suddenly cut off, ending the humid period.

In the coming decades and centuries, we may find the Sahara Desert becoming the fertile grassland it once was. Discover some other places, where snow is very occasional, once every few decades:

Rome, Italy

Miami, Florida

Sydney, Australia

Baghdad, Iraq

Lisbon, Portugal

Malibu, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Buenos Aires, Argentina

San Diego, California


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