The Creator of Duty Free Donated His Entire Fortune to Humanitarian Causes

Bangkok, Thailand - November 28, 2016: Duty free shop in Suvarnabhumi international airport

Chuck Feeney, founder of Duty Free, during his lifetime gave to charity more than $ 8 billion.

The money was spent on education, health, science in the United States, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Bermuda.

Chuck Feeney became a billionaire through the company he co-founded, Duty Free Shoppers, back in the 1960s. He is not interested in fame and up until 2012, he gave no more than 5 interviews.

On November 23rd, 1984 Feeney and his wife, Danielle, rented a conference room in the Bahamas. In that room at 4 pm Chuck placed all that he owned, cash, businesses, and shares into a foundation he created, known today as Atlantic Philanthropies.

“Chuck has set an example…he is my hero and Bill Gates’ hero. He should be everybody’s hero,” said Warren Buffett.

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