4 Vivid Examples of Wise Energy Use


“Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon, that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves.”

–       Mitch Albom (“The five people you meet in heaven.”)

1) We Are All Learning Our Way in Life

Jeck Ma said in one of his interviews: “Any mistake is an income, a wonderful revenue.” We are all learning our way in life until we are about twenty years old, he sais. Yes. Sometimes, very often, truly said, we are students of life longer than that. We keep wounding the hearts of people we love with sharp words. Will you agree that the scale of our harshness goes from high to low, and the top chart is given to ourselves and immediately after goes to the ones we love? We keep making choices, big – as a five-year relationship that ends with sorrow and regret, and small – as the wrong exit that adds an extra fifteen minutes to our drive-time. 

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2) If Only We Could Learn From the Mistakes We Make 

“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” (Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”) If only we could learn from the mistakes we make, consider them a lesson, and move on to a better life right after. Wouldn’t it be an achievement? A great experience-investment in a future life with fewer slip-ups. Don’t let yourself have regrets about the past. If you do, you’ll just waste your energy on something you cannot change. Remember everything happens for a reason.

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3) Make Better Choices From Now On

Now you are at this point in your life because of the decisions you’ve made in the past. Make better choices from now on and bring only positive energy to your present and future. Peaceful acceptance of yourself will not make you wait long. As a bird that changes the fluffy outfit of a new member of the brood you will enjoy new feathers and the ability to fly. Fly high in the dream sky of your renewed life without destructive feelings towards anything or anybody.

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4) Feel Love for the Closest Person in Your Life

Love yourself – your dearest friend and everyday companion. Learn to treat him or her as the love of your life. Be as gentle to this person as you may be to the most cherished people from your surrounding. You may have a mentor in your life, I hope you do, but even if you don’t – think as if you had one. What words would you choose when you ask for guidance and advice? You would be polite and humble, I would guess. But think for a moment about who your dearest and most cherished soul mate is. Who is with you no matter what happens? Who tolerates all your prickly moods and harsh words and is still there to support and give you a shoulder to cry on or, better said, finds you your favorite pillow? Treat this person the way you treat your diamond ring: polish and marvel at the sparkling multifaceted beauty.

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Speak to the inner child of this lovely face in the mirror and give him something to laugh about and something to be amazed at. Learn to be alone and love the company of this smart person who is ever-thirsty for knowledge. Share your ideas with this gorgeous soul and be ready to write down the words of wisdom and love, care and true friendship on the wall of your shared life.


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