5 Hidden Secrets of Natural Water


“The voice of natural water sounds silver and life…”


Five friends, and five personifications of extraordinarity, extreme extravagance, and exquisite exclusiveness. And ‘Yes’ all five are the Ex-es of former husbands and wives. What in the Universe can they all have in common?

Water! To be more exact, $900 that they pay for 8.4oz of pure water that exists in a very remote place in Venezuela.

It just tickles me to death to tell you the back- and fore-story of these very well-off people – very well-off indeed they are.

A – a High-class jeweler,

B – an owner of a High-end shopping center,

C – a president of a High-cost Healthy Food Corporation,

D – a head of a High-net-worth investment firm,

And E – a CEO and founder of a High-quality cosmetic company.

And now, you’re being so darned plucky, know the names of my high-grade protagonists. Everything in their lives is top, elite, and upscale.

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No thing about water is an illusion. Nothing in the world is softer and more yielding than water. Being of incomparable docility, not anything can concur it. We do not realize how close and almost identical we are. Water wears down the hard and strong, and none can overcome it. When our strength husbanded, we are capable of glorious things just the like.

Is it possible to live by that truth? Do we dare to accept that the yielding concurs the strong, and the soft overcomes the hard? Maybe we should not take any precaution, that prudence could suggest, and let ourselves be lost in wondering and half-terrified admiration at the spectacle of life. Let us be free, giving ourselves no concern on the opinion of others, and brave enough to be true selves.

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1) Secrets About Water That Were Put to the Proof

“What the dickens, do you drink this water for?” said A. deprecatingly, when his dog fired ahead to the water that was spilled on the floor. The bottle it came from was a gift that A. didn’t appreciate enough. He considered it a wired birthday present. His dog was a much better expert in a healthy way of life, eating only food in green packages with the logo “organic” on it. And he never before ate anything from the floor, preferring his silver plate to any other vessel.

A. felt that he had to learn more about this water and happened to discover that he, being an educated two- and forty-years old guy, didn’t know anything AT ALL about this substance. Magnetism and energy locked in this bottle transformed his life. The honored lady that presented the fortunate flask became an open-hearted salutation in his life. Her kind soul wrapped in a beautiful body revealed the hidden secret of life: happiness, when shared with a loving person, ultimately compels you to experience satori or instant awakening. You go from enchantment to enchantment, scenting compassion in the air, and this feeling of admiration gives a new turn to your thoughts.

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Water is the only substance on the planet that can exist in three states: liquid, solid, and gas. A human being combines all three of them at the same time. Depending on age, we are made of 70 to 80 percent water. Yet our body, like a precious vessel, holds this treasured liquid by the force of a life-giving spirit.

I’m so much taken up with the power and diversity of water. It has the highest surface tension than all other liquids. It proves to me the fact that a person with pure ‘inner waters’ can overcome any outside pressure.

Water is the most powerful solvent on Earth. Isn’t it about our ability to sympathize and be compassionate? Life on any planet is not possible without each and every property that water has. That means that stepping into another person’s shoes and feeling his sorrow, pain, or happiness is essential for the life itself.

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Water is able to rise through the trunks of gigantic trees against tens of atmospheres of pressure. What is more surprising, though, is the faculty of a human being to rise over hatred and aggression in the world, indifference and treachery towards himself and still be loving and empathetic.

The natural water from a spring is loaded with energies in the utmost degree. When compared with the artificially purified one, it turns out that they still have the same composition H2O, but their structure differs drastically. Most likely, a person won’t see any difference, but any animal will always choose the natural water over the tap one. Our animal friends are more sensitive and prone to distinguish false from the truth in the world that surrounds them.

Can we learn all over again to feel life as it is, pure, refreshing, full of love and gratification? Is it possible to sense good-natured people, take to them, and cringe away from the blows of cruelty in time to escape the shock? And are we able to accept the identical composition of each and every person, recognize their unique individual structure, and if not love everybody, but at the very least respect?

2) The Imminent Danger of Water’s Memory and Its Unbreakable Vehemence

B. was a successful woman that seemed to have everything but for the memory of her early childhood and youth. That was strange. She possessed the necessary knowledge and education to be adequate and navigate her way in the world, but she could not remember the words said by her mother, and the school games went with her father.

That happened after the car crash that left her, a single child of a happy middle-aged couple, an orphan. Doctors said it was a post-stress reaction of her brain. The neatly structured organ in her head tried to protect her against her own will. She longed to remember, but not any conventional or alternative medicine could help her to do that.

One day, about 5 years ago, her close friend came back from her long journey to the far away countries. She brought exclamations of praise and deep respect for the elderly healer she met there. B. didn’t really believe it could work and agreed to go only for the sake of adventure.

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The ceremony of their encounter reminded a scene from a mystery movie. B. and a small wrinkly guy in a dress-like white shirt were staring at one another blankly without words. Then he showed her to his chamber. The cave was dark and cold and full of small and big glass jars with water. He filled her little cup from almost every container. And at the point of over dense tension in the easy to guess area in her belly, something extraordinary happened. She suddenly remembered. Spring water from a distant mountain village in Kazakhstan brought relief to her tired from searching brain.

It happened so that her father was born in that village. Her parents, being almost desperate to conceive, went there and spent almost a year in that remote place. They came back to the States to give birth to their beloved daughter and get the benefit of traditional high quality medical care. The water from that village remembered B., or, rather, her body remembered that water. Some impulse, the live force coming from this water, triggered the processes in her brain, making the memory of her past a charming reality, that she could take into her present.

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Scientists made a great step forward, admitting that they know almost nothing about water. We can do just as much, agreeing that the process of self-discovery should never end. This realization is followed by the desire to explore more, to dive into the research, self-digging, and self-developing.

Nowhere in the world is water the same.

Experiments in many countries around the world have shown that water remembers everything that occurs in the space that surrounds it. As it records information, water acquires new properties, yet its chemical composition remains unchanged. The structure of water means how its molecules are organized. They form clusters of various forms, and each combination is vulnerable to any external influence.

The water structure of each person’s body is identical to the water structure of the place where he was born. Our internal connection to our homeland is depicted in the water of that place.

The same happens with people. We come to contact with each other and leave a trace in our souls of emotions felt and events underwent. Every encounter becomes imprinted in our ‘inner waters’. To our eyes the change is not noticeable. The same face looks at you from the mirror. But the conversation with an angry person left an undertaste of failure and depression in your soul. The looks are important, but our inner structure is a much more valuable instrument. The inner state of our soul is composed of our emotions and feelings joined together. Our inner water-based computer records the whole history of our relationship with the world around us.

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Modern instruments have made it possible to see how water, being structured like a nervous system, reacts to any irritation. Being subjected to a swiftly freezing process in a cryogenic chamber, water tells us its story. The spectacle of frozen crystals reveals to us the admiration of water when someone said ‘I love you’ to it.

Classical music gives water an occasion for displaying splendor of symmetric beauty. As if choosing music that uplifts and rejuvenates us, we should be spellbound listening to a loving person, and determined to run away from a twisted and vengeful one.

3) Human Power Both Whitens and Darkens Water and Souls

C. was spending time in a company of people always grabbing after money. Everything ‘healthy’ was in trend and he was getting incredibly rich by the day. Surprisingly, C. was the most negligent person when it came to the choice of food. His ex-wife took very good care of his diet, but being a cold-hearted person, she made C. detest anything good-looking, tasty, and healthy. He developed a belief that things like that, being eatable or not, are pretty on the outside and empty on the inside. After the divorce, C. became a regular visitor to fast-food places, which made him look 10 years older and 30 pounds heavier.

C. thought badly about the food he ate and drinks he swallowed. All those substances made him feel even more depressed until the day he met J. She was incredibly plump and extremely cheerful. She became a friend and companion such as few possessed. Her spirit was contented and grateful. It seemed that nothing could spoil her positive attitude to life, even C.’s negative connotation of every aspect of it. They ate at the same bad-quality-food places, but he felt his body not as heavy and his mood not as gloomy anymore. Somehow, J.’s uplifting spirit charged every object with her life-giving energy.

When they started to live together and J. became a master of the kitchen space, life became almost an unbearably sweet experience. Both C. and J. started to fall in love with their family business, discovering new aspects of a vigorous and healthy life. By degrees and due to the plenitude of means, they started to spend quite ridiculous money on food, and water was a number one investment in their list of the most important things. Their company invented a whole different culture. A life of luxurious energy in an 8.4oz bottle. Having once tried it, anyone could ill bear to part with this sensation of ‘alive’ and ‘pure’.

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Nowadays it became clear that positive and negative human emotions are the strongest elements of influence on water. Scientists conducted many experiments on this fact. The water, experiencing fear, aggression, hatred, projected on it, is suffering. Those feelings deform its structure and reduce its energy. Love, on the contrary, increases water’s energy and stabilizes its structure.

The power of tenderness and compassion is yet unexplained, but accepted by almost everyone’s intellect. We should let this knowledge penetrate our skin and reach straight to our heart to be fully implemented in life. Our soul can mingle dignity and gratitude under the influence of delightful emotions and sublime energy.

4) The Defeated State of Water – Ready to Drain and Disrupt

New York is a place of contrasts. You can be wealthy and still live in a place with bad water from the tap. Filters made it bearably pure but far from being deliciously tasty. D. knew the flavor of pure water. It was his bug-bear fault. He was in search of the right taste for many years. The one that could charge you with energy and make you feel full of desire to change the world.

D. was born in West Virginia, an eastern state with tree-covered Appalachian Mountains and the purest water on Earth, as he thought. He missed it enormously. His wearisome search ended when he tried water in a $900 8.4oz bottle. It was love from the first drop. The sensation was unforgettable, as if all his cares and sorrows went away, leaving a feeling of being light and kind, sociable and agreeable.

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Water makes a long, and difficult journey through multiple angle turns before arriving in our homes. In nature rivers and streams always flow along a smoothly curving course. In our piped system, the natural structure of water breaks down more and more with each turn. The crystals of such water are deformed, no symmetry or beauty can be seen. Aggressive chemical purification, powerful filters, the violence of it all is accumulated, and forever remembered by water.

Spiritual pollution we subject ourselves to is even more harmful. The water on our table adapts all of the hatred and the stress and by the time it enters our body we make it dead.

In a language of an Indian tribe in Venezuela, ‘Roraima’ is translated as the mother of all water. Scientists considered that it has never been in direct contact with human beings. It exists in a very remote place. The journey through the savanna and the jungles, and then up an 800-meter wall, in order to reach the water in its unique and virgin state, requires significant enthusiasm.

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In a laboratory the scientists could see the energy light that shines from this water. They compared it with an ordinary one and discovered that Venezuela’s water is 40 thousand times more active. Can you imagine what power is locked in every mouthful of it? It activates the body, grants life in its purity to every cell of it.

The same effect on our ‘inner waters’, the state of our health and mood, is made by the outside violence. Anything made to us against our will is detestable to our nature. Our nervous system is prone to become restless and let the negative take possession of it. If there is no way to escape the harmful influence, we should find our own filters. To deal with it without any chemicals but with the help of recharging, rejuvenating meditation, preferably in natural surroundings, is the best purification process that was discovered so far. A state when you reunite with your inner pure child is blissful and can be reached with some training and effort. The only remembrance of that glorious feeling can transform our inner water clusters into beautiful stars, with a symmetry of butterflies and crystal transparency of spring water.

5) Water Combats Behavior and Life Itself

E. was successful and beautiful. She never imagined herself being a head of a cosmetic company, but her parents left her no choice. She dreamed to be a pianist. Her parents’ opposition was a blow that shook her tremendously. To make amends, they gifted her with the most expensive piece of music art – one million dollars piano. This masterpiece was a remarkable, adorned piano that exhibited about 100,000 jewels.This musical bond to the family business now was unbreakable.

The magnificent instrument in her living room was her best friend. Every day after work she hurried home to her soulmate and discussed Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven with him. The decanter full of water was on the nearby table and she had a habit to take it to her dinner table and later to her bed. This water seemed to be full of notes of love and care, beauty and affection.

She took good care of her water and filled the vessel with the best of the best. Played music to it and made every note enter into her body and her soul. She drank it with satisfaction and felt refreshed, delighted, invigorated. She was forgetting her cares, feeling as if she had wings to her feet.

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It was established that the behavior can be changed using only water.

In addition to ordinary water, heavy water exists in nature. Deuterium2O. The splitting of deuterium was the basis for creation of the most destructive bomb. We all know what radioactive radiation can do. It turns out, though, that rather more horrific is the change in the structure of water. It made no difference where the test was carried out, in the atmosphere, in the ground or underground – the water’s memory changed.

Waves die out fairly quickly in the ground, but the water continues to fluctuate for another 30 days. The brain is made of water about 85% and the conflict between the water structure occurs in it. It disrupts the brain’s bioplasm, and the person is deprived of even such extremely important incentive as the drive to live. The pathological changes in the water increase the number of suicides.

The same way one person can have a radius of his influence much bigger than the universally accepted personal distance. We are connected with each other. Any emotion radiates energy, and every movement carries meaning in it. And this energy travels through time and space with horrific speed.

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Water gives life. Its original vitality we can use either in a positive way or we can charge it with entirely different emotions. The way we approach water determines our whole life. Good intentions improve the quality of water, and it has a positively boosting effect on a person. Radioactive relationship, on the contrary, can force a human being to spend his enormous inner capabilities entirely in doing bad to himself… and others.

Energy of every person can be radioactive at times. In this case, one should keep himself to himself and away from everybody. And it is a great privilege to spread love when it overflows your being. There is nothing like a cheerful mind to relieve our spirit from torturing feelings and make us hug ourselves and the world around with love and affection.

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Every living thing is essentially a container of water. Life has a chance to happen only in the presence of it. When we attempt to discover life on other planets, the first thing we look for is water. Being the most common substance on Earth, water drives us to our wits’ end by acting as a ‘leader’ of our lives. It is a unique concept that is connected in a special way with the very idea of life. We are not even beginning to traverse its special qualities.

Stay tuned…


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