South Korea Organizes Parties for 65 Year-Old People to Fight Dementia and Loneliness


To get seniors moving and talking Seoul organized special parties for people of 65 and older. These gatherings attract nearly 1,000 people per weekday and double this amount on the weekends. 

There is one new case of dementia every three seconds. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people with dementia is going to triple by 2050. To prevent those numbers to be our reality we need to socialize and be physically active.

A number of lonely elderly people is growing in South Korea rapidly. These people works hard for decades and now deserve a time of recreation and entertainment. The idea is having a great effect as a lot of seniors consider these parties their medicine. The video posted by BBC serves as a vivid evidence of healing properties of such gatherings. Old folks toss their walkers and recover lost vitality. 

With few opportunities for work after retirement and not a lot of options in the way of cheap entertainment we need more creative options to keep seniors happy, healthy and sound.

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