Sea Without Shores & Coastline: The Sargasso Sea Is the Only One of Such Kind on the Earth


The Sargasso Sea in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean is a unique creation of nature. It is surrounded by ocean currents rather than shores.

The sea is called after the floating golden-brown seaweed that covers the surface of it and known as Sargassum.

In the midst of Gulf Stream on the west, North Atlantic Current in the north, Canary Current on the east and the North Atlantic Equatorial Current on the south located this strange sea.

The Sargasso Sea seems calm and warm – the temperature of the water inside the sea is much more than the water on the outside.

The mysterious sea is a big mystery. The strange disappearances of the ships and air crafts in the close located the Bermuda triangle are all linked to it.

A huge whirlpool created by seaweeds and the powerful currents can work like a centrifuge, that sends smaller whirlpools to the area of the Bermuda Triangle. These whirlpools are rotating ships and drag them inside. Those same small whirlpools create mini-cyclones in the air dooming aircrafts to the same sad destiny.

The ocean currents bring in lots of marine plants into it, but, unfortunately, the same currents also bring a vast amount of garbage from the other parts of the ocean. The Bermuda Government took the initiative to conserve and protect this unique sea.

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