Sea Turtles Population Increased by 980% After Receiving Protections Under the Law


Due to climate change marine habitats around the world deteriorate. The Endangered Species Act helps to reverse the decline. 

Thanks to the ESA the median sea turtle population increased by 980%. 

The ESA enables regulators to designate species as either ‘endangered’ or ‘threatened’. And when plants or animals are on the list, they are protected. This law was passed in 1973 and was viewed by environmentalists as a huge milestone.

Researchers looked at 31 marine populations and discovered that the populations of 78% of marine mammals and 75% of sea rebounded after receiving protection under the law.


Shaye Wolf, a Center for Biological Diversity said in a press release, “The Endangered Species Act not only saved whales, sea turtles, sea otters, and manatees from extinction, it dramatically increased their population numbers, putting them solidly on the road to full recovery.”

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