Repave Roads With Recycled Plastic: The Perfect Recipe of Polymer Creates Stronger, Longer-Lasting Road


Countries, companies, and individuals are working to curb the plastic problem. The University of California at San Diego recently approved a road made with recycled plastic waste.

Plastic-suffused asphalt is a cheaper alternative than traditional one. It repurposes plastic waste and reduces the amount of petroleum in asphalt.

The process helps the country deal with plastic pollution by keeping it out of our landfills and oceans. The asphalt from recycled plastic product has a lower embodied carbon footprint and prevents some greenhouse gases from being emitted.

The innovative idea solves a problem of the poor quality of roads. Every ton of asphalt contains about 20,000 single-use plastic bottles or around 70,000 single-use plastic bags. Plastic roads are 60% stronger than traditional roads and will last three times longer.

Today we can encounter plastic roads in the United Kingdom, the Gulf, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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