7 Reasons to Cultivate Patience


I found patience at a crisis in my life… the blessing that greeted my nature.


J. treated life unfairly. She grew fiercely indignant every day and was very far gone indeed in her unpleasant sensations. J.’s gloomy attitude impaired her kids’ existence immensely. Her husband was in despair, unable to understand the motives that drove her demeanor.

Only three years ago J. used to be so mild and gentle, so sweet and good-humored that earth seemed not her element. Her cheerful, happy smile was made for her beloved husband and little baby, her firstborn child. Every minute lived in her home seemed delicious.

All vanished gradually like a breeze, leaving a sign of warmth in the frosty air. J. decided to work from home on some company projects rather than going to the office every day. She was delighted to be able to spend more time with her growing family, a second child being on his way.

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1) Staying Strong When Marks of Quietness and Uneventfulness Color Your Life

Their third son was a piece of happy unexpected news. J. didn’t fully recover mentally from the merry sensation of being with her second baby, only a year at that time. In the beginning, straggling to be everywhere: keeping the kids nice and neat, the house cozy and welcoming, the food tasty and nourishing – she reduced her restful, sleeping hours to about four a day, comforting herself with thoughts about excellence and perfection of her life.

In three months J. started to feel as if she was groping forward a few steps in her daily life and strolling backward with increasing speed. The little one started to cry almost every night with no obvious reason. J. started to lose her temper with her four-year-old, expecting him to be always handy and ready to help in any possible way with kids and with things around the house.

Depressing mood hanged about her marriage for many weeks. She lived a life of toil deprived of friendly attention and refreshing activities. The growing family forced her husband to accept an offer of higher pay and a longer absence from home, often being away on his business trips for weeks in a row. Left alone with kids J. was unable to find energy enough to keep her old acquaintances and visits of politeness.

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Patience – a lifelong spiritual practice. Routinely activity and uneventfulness can become a daily companion during some challenging life trials. We may consider them hardships and lament at them, or blessings and rejoice at the opportunity to exercise our patience. Do not let time rob you of your brightness, but let it add depth to your personality. Get skilled at pulling the ropes and handling the ribbons of your emotional strength, so you can control your life with all its waiting, watching, and knowing time.

2) Fighting Snappy Conduct that Is Stealing Out with Noiseless Distracting Footsteps

J. had no power left to alleviate the sinking of spirits in her soul. She kept reproaching herself for lack of attention to her husband and kids. She knew that she needed to be careful how she dealt with those about her. Too often she ended up snappish in her manner.

Her remorse got deeper. The atmosphere at home became suffocating. J. and her husband took what seemed to them a strict line of duty: him – providing for the wellbeing of their family, her – devoting herself fully to the kids. And although their generous impulses had the best intentions, the outcome didn’t provide lasting happiness.

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Patience – a way to transform frustration. This is a great practice of compassion. With patience, you learn to nurse a mood that takes care of your comfort and peace of mind. In this blissful state you grow familiar and confidential with your beloved people, and it requires no labor. You simply become intuitively able to love externally and internally as your best sensations are awakened. You have a larger and more loving view when determining the right word and action. Your brave soul, a soul that feels and waits patiently, becomes enveloped in poignant longing to please and befriend rather than to fight and argue.

3) Withstanding Frugal Life and Hardships So They Only Proportionately Free Life and Mind

J. was aching to the distant time of those happy days when her husband was at home every night, lifting the weight of troubles by his help and loving support. The tears she shed on the occasion of his coming home from another business trip caused the sacred emotional transformation. A feeble stream of their family life needed to be revived anew, and the only possible solution was to reunite their family, sacrificing some pleasant but unnecessary luxuries on the way.

J.’s husband decided to go back to his old employment with lower pay and higher healthy meaningful time spent with his wife and kids. With each day at home and each family dinner, the healthy and benign atmosphere was coming back to the house, the chores hanged lighter on J.’s hands, her demeanor became easier and more prepossessing.

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Patience – a re-attuning to intuition. It is a way to be happy when alive and breathing, even though life may seem hard and frustrations pressing. Without patience you feel like the little tottering, stumbling, clutching child that cries bitterly when left without promised candy.

Patience thrashes reason into you and evokes absolute devotion to the life itself with everything that makes this experience fascinating. The understanding of true values lifts the weight of false attachment to material things. With patience, when left without some comforts that prior you considered necessary, you feel easy, light in your mind, and free in your spirit. You struggle and cope with deprivations, every success muddles you like the first breath of freedom.

4) Feeling Radiance From a Disappointing Fall

They abandoned their expensive car for a cheaper and a trifle less comfortable one, and their pompous yearly vacations for a lovely countryside escapes. When a chain of unlucky events at her husband’s work culminated in his losing the position they didn’t despair. They lived out of their humble savings and occasional company commissions that J. still received every now and then.

Her husband freed up from the necessity to go every day to the office finally was able to devote his time to his music experiments. He used to compose wonderful pieces when in college. His hobby didn’t excite much approval from his parents and he abandoned it almost completely during the years of his company work.

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Patience – a way to respond to setbacks and failure. It teaches you to turn your thoughts swiftly upon every blessing in your life, so you stop pitying yourself and get into fighting for your place under this sun. You gather waiting, watching, and knowing skills – and reflect the wise acceptance of inevitable, and respond to disappointment with grace. Waiting the time when the negative influence in your life give place to a positive one, watching the change to the better sneaking in, and knowing that better life is reserved for you by higher forces.

5) Making a Sedulous Effort to Get to a Distant Glimmer of Perfection

Old notes of J.’s husband were worn with use, the new ones became worn with corrections. He was shutting himself up in his study at night, interrupting his work for rounds with his crying son. The little creature grew quieter with time, sensing his mother’s increasing tranquility. J. had her full night sleep thanks to her husband’s loving help. The older son got much attached to his father with his bedtime stories and childish fighting games.

Sometimes the artistic progress was dishearteningly slow. Producing music, though, became more familiar with each failing attempt at reaching the desired effect. J’s husband used to have a confused turmoil of ideas in his head and was obliged to spend days and weeks at work, putting together the different elements of music. J. believed in his talent and future success. She encouraged his persistent work.

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Patience – a high tolerance for delay. With it, you are able to feel perfect timing for implementing your ideas. For people deprived of patience it is hard to begin any project, the prospects seem vague, tangled, chaotic and the whole process exceedingly disturbing. On a way to implementation a step by step plan a patient person is prepared to face difficulties. That person will be tolerating any delay working hard to get to the desired result and redoing the work multiple times to get to the perfection.

6) Delaying Gratification Makes the Achievement Sweeter

The daily treadmill of their home life was sweet and enchanting notwithstanding the portioned to them hardships. J. felt as if she had placed herself in higher hands for direction, she freed her soul of pressing worries. She liked to see her husband, to hear him about the place and at his music work.

One year left them with a feeling that, after all, they’ve accomplished a lot of good for their family which no money could buy. The second year brought first small yet increasingly delightful music projects. J.’s husband and a few of his college friends got back together and created a short-movie company. Their love and mutual support lighted some inward fire and their eyes flamed with it.

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Patience – an ability to delay gratification. Being kids we had very little patience and wanted to get everything right away. We learned our way to tolerance of delay through tears and lamentations. And we keep mastering this powerful way to find emotional freedom. Once you find enough of it within yourself you develop a sensuous susceptibility to timing. With more feeling and discernment, you recognize the perfect moment for each important step in your life, and if you feel that time is not right – you are able to wait without frustration.

Whenever you condescend to delay the blissful moment, it delights you even more when finally gratified. Stay uncompromisingly bold rather than agitated. Do not let your heart and brain burn – learn your way to self-restraint. Life without patience is an eternity of torture.

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7) Avoiding Procrastination and Lending Yourself to Daily Hassles

J. was keenly interested in everything her husband was doing. The domestic harmony gave strength and made them brave to withstand the stresses that accompanied his joint venture first couple of years. During that time all three of their movies presented at the festivals didn’t gain recognition. He became an instigator and strong motivator for his small company lot. They often got together at their family dinner table to discuss the future projects and share the inspirational vibe between them.

His music grew strange and fantastic, turbulent and insistent, soft and plaintive – and the movie they produced with no much money but with great blissful inspiration became a winner. J.’s husband became an award-winning composer.

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Patience – a way to a greater inward wisdom. Without it we tend to delay some things that need to be done because we want to avoid the annoyance involved. Endurance of daily hassles and stresses diminish negativity on the way to any goal in life. Being in active patient state helps to mend out ways in every aspect of our lives. Take the wiser part of grasping at every opportunity to use the capacity to tolerate suffering, and with firm and steady tread go to every trial on the way to your dream.

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Patience – active powerful state. With it you are always able to find a way to a non-irritable and non-hostile place within yourself. Do not ever be entreated to leave this peaceful place. All fears, and hopes, and wild emotions subside and do not jostle and chase each other through your mind when you redeem your ability to tolerate and endure. Your hour of victory will come in due time without painful recollections flashing upon you. Patience does not let a cloud of anguish darken your face. Find it necessary to be extremely eager to train your ability to wait, watch, and know and you will never have occasion to reprove yourself.

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  1. I like your concept of patience being a lifelong spiritial practice. It does take a while for patience to become a habit. I work on it daily as I know God says it’s a virtue.

  2. Patience is such an important trait to master, and one which is easily forgot. The world would be much calmer if more effort was put into practising patience.

  3. I needed this today! I’m trying to patiently wait for some information from nursing school and I’m finding it very hard.

  4. I’m a very patient person, many say I am too patient. But like you said patience really does make a family become one and they are able to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company. I’m glad her husband went with the other job because when it was left to her it can just get to be so much and feel so lonely.

  5. Patience makes you resilient and strong. This is such a heartwarming story. I love the sold partnership the husband and wife showed through the storms and their lives. And I feel the growth and victory they’ve accomplished for themselves (and their family unit).

  6. It is so important to have patience not only on waiting for something but for everything you do in your life. I admittedly, that when I was on my 20’s I was not that patience but when I have my own family my patience become stronger and stronger everyday!

  7. Another fabulous, inspiring heart-warming story ☺ ❤ I am such an impatient person, need to work on it seriously!

  8. I would definitely share this. I know a lot of people whose lacking of patience. And I’m proud that I’m not one of them.. Woohoo.. 😅

  9. Patience is definitely a virtue that I’m working on developing. It’s not the easiest thing to master, but it’s so necessary in order to be truly happy.

  10. I am not a very patient person and it depends on the situation how I tend to handle things. I don’t like doing nothing whilst waiting for things to happen.

  11. This is a great post to ponder. I love that topic. It shows how patience are being formed us in our daily living.

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