Paralyzed Surgeon Operates from Stand-Up Wheelchair


Dr. Ted Rummel is fixing shoulders, wrists, elbows, feet, knees and ankles and patience are relieved from pain and suffering.

The orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ted Rummel worked at Progress Wes HealthCare Center in O’Fallon, where he was performing six to eight surgeries each week.

In 2010 Rummel started to feel back pain and numbness in his legs. Within days his lower body was deprived of all feeling and mobility – he was paralyzed from the waist down.

He was 51 when a blood-filled cyst had burst in the middle of his spinal cord. Rummel had learned of it 11 months earlier. The surgery to remove the cyst was impossible.

Close people marveled at his optimism and sense of humor. Rummel returned to action: first to his beloved golf, and later to his patients.

His energy and passion returned when he started to work again. Now he talks with his patients more, discussing their concerns and trying to reassure and help.

A stand-up wheelchair improves circulation and reduces pressure sores. Rummel customized his standing wheelchair and in 2012 he was able to operate on a shoulder.

Dr. Ted Rummel is an inspiration for many.

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