India Fully Transitions to Electric Vehicles: Climate Justice Was Demanded in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world and Indian leaders stepping up to make a change.

15lbs Gold Coin Worth £129,990 Commemorates the 25th James Bond Film

A one-of-a-kind coin, with an Aston Martin DB5 engraved on it, is the largest in size and value produced by the Royal...

A Father With 470 Daughters: Mahesh Savani Adopted the Girls and Paid for Their Weddings

Mahesh Savani from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is a successful businessman and a well-known humanitarian. He bears the wedding expenses for more than 470...

Twin Sisters Who Look Nothing Alike: Fraternal Twins Are Radically Different

Maria and Lucy Aylmer are twin sisters, but most people don’t believe they are.  The girls live in Gloucester,...

Watchful Eyes of Drones Keep Protecting Endangered Species Across the Globe

'Sky Rangers' monitor protected wildlife areas in Africa and other countries, saving animals from eradication.  The World Wildlife Foundation...

A Father-Daughter Duo Is Fighting Child Mortality Rates in Bangladesh

Saha family, a professor of microbiology and his daughter of the same profession, works at the Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) to...

Mysterious Ice Age Architecture: 25,000 Year-Old Circle Built of the Bones of 60 Mammoths

A huge circular structure built with the bones of at least 60 wooly mammoths was found in Kostenki, Russia. 

NASA’s Entire Media Library Is Free: Vast Collection Is Copyright Free to View and Use

Over 140,000 striking images across more than 60 collections, sounds, and videos in NASA’s media library is download free. 

Korg and Moog Offer Mobile Apps for Free: The Biggest Synthesizers Are Giving Away to Musicians

If you like to experiment with electronic music – this is for you – the Minimoog Model D synth app (for iPhone...

Theater Lovers Rejoice: Online Broadway Plays and Musicals

Live recordings of original productions and film adaptations are available with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BroadwayHD. 

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Blood Donors in Sweden Get a Text Message Whenever Their Blood Saves Someone’s Life

The Swedish blood donation service found a way to stimulate people to donate their blood.

A Snack for Wildlife: A Florida Brewery Creates 6-Pack Edible Rings for Sea Turtles

Six-pack rings made of wheat and barley can either biodegrade or serve as food for turtles. Hopefully, other breweries...

Land Art Rises in the Saudi Arabia Desert: Government-Funded X Al Ula Show

The latest project, the result of collaboration with Desert X, created a land art installation area near the city of Al Ula.

How to Stay Healthy and Sound During Coronavirus Outbreak

Common signs of Coronavirus COVID-19 is dry cough, shortness of breath, fever.  Drinking a lot of warm water is...

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