Spring Life Water – a Symbol of All That Is Harmonious and Good: 5 Almost Occult Facts About Natural Water

Being the most common substance on Earth, water drives us to our wits’ end by acting as a ‘leader’ of our lives.

An Ineffable Benefit of Nature-Based Healing: 5 Tremendously Powerful Techniques of Ecotherapy

The sinking of soul and spirit is alleviated by emergent field of ecopsychology.

Intensely Luxurious Feeling of Self-Compassion: 6 Reasons to Practice Kindness Toward Yourself

Self-compassion helps to achieve emotional well-being which strengthens the daring to life of any person.

Gratitude Makes Us Absolutely and Fearlessly Alive: 6 Admirable Ways to Be Joyously Tranquil

Let gratitude to excel every other quality. It would be a relief to cherish people over material things.

Monopolize Success by Competing Against Yourself: 3 Strongest Arms to Fight the Deadliest Inner Enemies

Woe to those who dream of what others have and fail to see the potential in themselves. Competition with others runs you into a blind alley.

8 Types of Energy Vampires: Solace Your Mind by Knowing 4 Life-Survival Strategies

Do not lock yourself in the secret tower of your deafness and muteness when a danger to be drained by a vampire presents itself.

Why Social Media Overtakes the World: 5 Must-Knows to Propel Your Life to Internet Freedom

Your enthusiasm, your violent likes drive your life and assert themselves in all the every-day occupations of it.

Worry & Anxiety – the Instruments of Our Own Destruction: 6 Ways to Push Them out of Your Life

To talk about the things that bother you with someone you trust is the best way to come closer to understanding them better.

Rejoice in Positive Solitude and Administer Over Distractive Loneliness: 6 Kinds of Loneliness and 3 Ways to Confront It

It is vital to know the difference between loneliness that feels draining, distractive, and upsetting; and desired solitude.

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My Schedule Is Happiness: How Positive Thinking Boosts Your Health and Improves Your Life

People often live with the brow of an optimist above and the jaw of a pessimist below. To make one dominate another is to create real value in life. A positive approach to everything one does helps to build a skill set that makes a smile last a lifetime. Whereas, one sardonic smile can bring gloom that blankets everything around.

Blood Donors in Sweden Get a Text Message Whenever Their Blood Saves Someone’s Life

The Swedish blood donation service found a way to stimulate people to donate their blood.

A Snack for Wildlife: A Florida Brewery Creates 6-Pack Edible Rings for Sea Turtles

Six-pack rings made of wheat and barley can either biodegrade or serve as food for turtles. Hopefully, other breweries...

Land Art Rises in the Saudi Arabia Desert: Government-Funded X Al Ula Show

The latest project, the result of collaboration with Desert X, created a land art installation area near the city of Al Ula.

Discover the Things That Push You Forward and Make You Rise Faster Than the Nature

The life with no challenges is fatal to a striving for the better human nature. It should be like the turbulent see that hurries you along. Sometimes lands gently, occasionally, dashes you on a beautiful coast or a piece of a rock. And the force of this fall may determine your future success in life.

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