No More Scared Pets: Silent Fireworks in Italy Reduce Anxiety in Animals


The local government of Collecchio, the province of Parma, Italy, made “Silent fireworks” a law. 

The loud noises cause stress to animals, pets, and wildlife. The World Health Organization lists 120 decibels as the pain threshold for sound. 

The term “silent fireworks” refers to shows that selectively utilize existing forms of relatively quiet fireworks accompanied by quiet fireworks displays.

Quiet shows cannot entertain a large audience but are a good solution for smaller towns that want to focus on peace and tranquility with silent sparklers, fountains, and roman candles. 

Quiet fireworks are a way forward for people who dislike loud noises, those with sensitive hearing, children, birds, wild animals, livestock and pets. 

In Europe, this trend for silent fireworks is on the rise for the last several years.


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