NASA’s Entire Media Library Is Free: Vast Collection Is Copyright Free to View and Use


Over 140,000 striking images across more than 60 collections, sounds, and videos in NASA’s media library is download free. 

Browse the enormous gallery with amazing space images, missions, rocket launches, events at NASA, images of astronauts, the International Space Station, SpaceX launches, videos of stars, auroras, hurricanes, and other natural phenomena, etc.

This is a great treat for everyone who is interested in the outer space and the work that NASA is up to. The fascinating mysteries of space are revealed to an average Internet users. 

A useful popup descriptions helps to see what the item is about. And here are some of the space photos that you can find: 

All the content is with no copyright restrictions for non-commercial use, commercial use has other guidelines. 

“NASA content – images, audio, video, and computer files used in the rendition of 3-dimensional models, such as texture maps and polygon data in any format – generally are not copyrighted. You may use this material for educational or informational purposes, including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits, computer graphical simulations and Internet Web pages. This general permission extends to personal Web pages.”

Continue to explore.

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