Mysterious Ice Age Architecture: 25,000 Year-Old Circle Built of the Bones of 60 Mammoths


A huge circular structure built with the bones of at least 60 wooly mammoths was found in Kostenki, Russia. 

The 40-foot diameter building required a lot of time and effort to construct. The finding is located in the area of the Don River, a Paleolithic goldmine site.

Mammoth-bone buildings are not new to archaeologists, but the remarkable find differs greatly from previously discovered structures. The grandeur of the structure suggests some ritual meaning of it. 

The size of the building implies that it was meant to last long. It was most likely a landmark, a meeting place or a place for ceremonial rituals. 

The ancient hunter-gatherers left scraps of food and fire. The evidence of charcoal inside suggests a wood fire being burnt, which means people were living there at the time. Plant food pieces discovered among the charcoal reveal the local diet characteristics.

The smaller mammoth houses, founded around the Don River during the 1950s and 60s, feature reindeer, horse, and fox remains. The remains of woolly mammoths are evidently exclusive on this new site, which makes it very interesting. 

The evidence of natural freshwater springs suggests that a lot of animals, including mammoths, were attracted to the area. That might be the reason for the location of such grandiose a structure. 

Further discoveries will give us more information about our human ancestors.

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