4 Healing Properties of a Good Book


Revelation of an Elderly Wizard

Reading Life Straight Through

When a large enough supply of tears was forced into my eyes by some hydraulic process my parents finally agreed to let me go to an evening afterschool class for little tricksters. Many elders considered it a waste of time. And W. (being a lean, long-backed, stiff-necked, with great quantity of snow-white hair everywhere old weirdo, who had forsaken his daily respectable employment for a dubious occupation as a magic teacher) didn’t excite a qualified approval from majority of our villagers.

He was a man that turned over the leaf of his life to bring about a new happy page. He left his work after the death of his wife because he decided to fulfill his childhood greatest dream. I was tended with his kindness and solicitude when those suspicious but respectable circumstances brought me to his care. He became an old wizard and I was his little assistant.

Our conversations always took a very improving turn. We talked about my cares for the present, anxieties for the future, and his troubles from the past. His life, although realized to the full contentment of it only at a dusk of his age, was an expression of gentle and quiet happiness, organized in an orderly and neatly manner.

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1) Waive the Magic Literary Wand

W. had a heart large enough for any three old folks as himself and no kids of his own to bestow his devotion and love on. When his wife died even his boots started to creak in a very sad and lonely manner. His countenance underwent a great variety of gloomy contortions. He needed to replenish the empty space. Reading books became his salvation. Now, retiring himself from work, he had enough time to spend on things he loved and never prior to these days had an opportunity to devote himself to.

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A life can be revolutionized by a good book. After some reflection everyone would agree that it is never late to replace feeble narrow-mindedness with eagerness of perception. And that enthusiastic approach to life can be achieved by simply turning the pages of a RIGHT book.

Reading about self-development (for example some volume by the pen of Dr. Wayne Dyer) will lend fresh vigor to someone’s life. This kind of literature calls into view all the blessings we have and reminds us to be grateful.

A murmur of admiration is running through your essence when you read the outpouring revelations of a beautiful soul.

2) Enchant Your Mood

W. had a strong appetite for science fiction, fantasy, and mystery books. And no one could dare to talk about magic without due respect in his presence. He would put an injured look right away – this topic being his favorite. W. decided to heighten his cognitive abilities as well as train his brain to the craft of diverting his attention from depressing thoughts. He started his literary journey of recovery with a few books about tricks and magic by his bedside.

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It is so natural to triumph over life difficulties by burying yourself in the pages of a book that always makes you feel good. Any time you feel like the world has been turned upside down, grab that read of yours – put the world right-side up and calm your over-wrought nerves.

A person who rocks his monotonous existence to and fro can banter himself with the pages about lives and trials of great adventurers like those that Jules Verne depicted. A daily renewed appetite for fresh sensation will most likely be satisfied by a detective story that Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie wrote. Anne and Charlotte Bronte as well as Jane Austen will put you in a fit of loving enthusiasm and excitement that will cure your wearied heart and brain.

There is a book for every temperament and mood that with half-paternal attention will be guarding your inner peace and wellbeing.

3) Be Charmed by a Variety

W. claimed to be out-and-out an expert in the art of multi-reading. He had a mood-uplifting book when thoughts about his poor wife came around. Another cheerful read saved him from getting too bored on a lonely evening. And when he felt eager to learn something new he grasped at a great masterpiece of authorship (as he considered this book), which was “A Tutorial for Young Wizards” by an anonymous author.

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Try your utmost to master the great art of modifying the vibrations of your mood. Nowadays it is easier to be done than ever before. Although, our patience is getting tried more often by the speed of life. So, all the better, we need to become experts in self-help techniques.

Download on your phone the best uplifting, funny, brain-developing, and peace-creating specimens in the literary world and control the level of positivity by reading a little of each book at the right moment. Waiting in a doctor’s office, a bit nervous – humorous dialog on a page is a great prescription in this case. Feeling tension after a meeting with your boss – some meditative message will for sure open your heart for lighter feelings. Bored and lonely at home – time to learn something new to be able to converse on interesting topics and consequently finding new friends to brighten your melancholy dusk hours.

There is a solution for every problem that is already written by some wise man. Find a book that renews your vehemence and let your mood to be of incomparable docility when you read it.

4) Stay Delighted When in Motion


The intricacies of wizards’ lives were always throwing W.’s thoughts into condition close to delirium. One day, driving in his truck and listening to an audiobook about traveling circus, an idea corrupted his mind. At that moment he realized how he can grasp at happiness. His childhood dream appeared less and less chimerical.

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You never know beforehand when the great ‘Aha’ moment will visit you. So be ready to grasp at a notion of a life-changing idea even when in motion. Plug in an audiobook when in a car, in a gym, or biking outside – this way you may be able to learn a foreign language and get a promotion at work, or you may get better at understanding the motives that drive people to do what they do and that will improve your existing relationship. You may find contentment in life and feel peaceful acceptance of yourself by simply doing your household chores and listening to a valuable read on tape.

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When a child W. used to always talk about being a Magician one day. His parents grew heated with angry desperation to bring him to a sober mind and his desire grew softer till completely killed by opposition. He started to ruminate on his old dream while listening to that audio. A glimmer of a solution came to his mind when he visited our village school performance on some occasion or other. W., holding his dream fast by the hand, talked with his old friend who happened to be the director of our school at that time, and started an evening ‘Young Magicians’ club. Up went W.’s life when out and about went his little trickster-pupils…I was one of them.

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We have to become high-class experts in self-learning and development. Let us look facts in the face, nowadays our employments are too numerous, our leisure hours – too precious, and that is the reason why we need to do our utmost to preserve ourselves from wasting our time on anything that tires and distresses us.

Grabbing after great improving read is an elevating self-therapy. Any life, be it a drab-color or overdense-color one, can be cured with a good book. It may seem a fatiguing mission to the one who didn’t flip through many pages. But once you’ve found your own Scheherazade, life stops running helter-skelter and gets in a peaceful order.

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  1. Reading is important but can also take you on an adventure! When I read a book sometimes I feel like I’m there with them in that moment. Reading just opens your mind to so many things. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love nothing more than getting myself completely lost in a good story. And it’s such a joy to watch my daughters do the same, now that they’re old enough for chapter books! 🙂

  3. For me, the right book series was the Harry Potter books. I wasn’t a fan of reading much before I picked up the first book when I was in 6th grade. Since then, I haven’t stopped reading. I prefer modern fantasy, but will read a large variety of books. The only thing I haven’t gotten into is audiobooks.

  4. I always feel so good after completing a novel. Even while reading, it feels wonderful to wind down and enjoy some “me time”.

  5. Books can give you all kinds of ideas and experiences. It’s great to learn from other people’s experiences. I love to read self-help books, I always learn something new.

  6. I don’t often get a chance to read because of my busy schedule, but I do enjoy reading whenever I get the chance. Reading a good book certainly puts me in a good mood!

  7. Reading books is one of my favorite hobby. Reading is really really important because it not only develops our minds, but it gives us endless knowledge and lessons while keeping our minds active

  8. Absolutely agree with you. I love reading books. In fact I learn a lot from reading them. Also it transmits me to a new world. Very good post.

  9. Finding a good book can really help you move forward. I read one during my single years that helped me understand love and the beauty of life. It was such a blessing.

  10. Reading has been a huge thing for me. Started off as an escape from my reality and now it’s just something I do to enjoy myself. I have especially been getting into audiobooks, they are lovely!

  11. I have always loved to read. Right now I’m enjoying having my grandaughter read to me via facetime. Last night was from the Pete the Cat series. I love that at 2 1/2 she wants to “read”.

  12. One of the things I love about reading a good book is how it can make my mind focus on something else. Reading is a great thing to do for self care.

  13. I couldn’t agree more! I have been reading all sorts of books this year, from self-help to fiction, to help expand myself. I really love enjoy curling up and reading.

  14. Books have always been an important part of my life both as a reader and an educator. While they are not a cure for everything, they do enhance learning and open doors to greater insights.

  15. A good book is magical. You are right, finding the right book is key. For example, I don’t care for self-development, self-help and similar genres at all. give me a good piece of fiction and I will get lost inside it.

  16. Oh my, I didn’t realize I was doing this until I read this article. I love to read books, After reading a book about an adventure I feel courageous and brave, A book really takes you to another place.

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