This Story Will Make You Feel Positive About Your Body


“It was wholly unlike the ‘Permitted Style’, and she could see the people’s awe and distant wonder…”


S. had a large, square, middle-aged face, with a massive projecting nose and long-lashed, pale blue eyes. When she was smiling to herself, her face shone pink and childish. She was like one of those extinct birds, the Alagoas foliage-gleaner, once found in northeast Brazil, because she wore that elaborate hairstyle of a curiously improbable shade of orange.

S. used to dress as if she had no sense of proportion, but that was not her fault. The colors were always pyrotechnical, and that was not her fault either. She was undeniably slender, and ponderably light, and… proveably short. When people had wished to distinguish her from the others, they had always called her the miniature one.

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You may be waved coldly away or permitted to the circle of chosen ones. Which way you’ll go depends on the vibes of your feelings toward yourself and the creases on your clothes. If you wear your garments with handsome, proud, and shifting to the necessity of the situation style – the feeling of respect will be breaking the farthest walls of ignorance and negligence.

The magic of presentation, which will get you far in career and love, is in exhibited strength of self-worth and in a most exuberant and elegant cover. The luxuriant combination of body-positive image and fashion in the right size will dissolve the world of prejudice. Set your teeth with determination to be in the mood and in style. No one will dare to grudge you if you set your social barometer at ‘positively sunny’ and ‘upliftingly uncloudy’.

1) Regardless of Their Size, Every Woman Is an Apotheosis of Fashionable Nobility and Strives to Be in Style

S. had a sneaking mania for a fashionable style, particularly when she saw a slender, tall body wearing it. But the reality was the indispensable psychological crisis – she couldn’t find the same garments to fit her petite form.

She went over her situation multiple times: her eye always seeing the beauty and elegance, and her mind always seeing her expectations to fit her romantically proportioned body ruined. The good Fashion Icons were doubtless acquainted with the explanation for this dilemma, but they for sure kept it to themselves. There was no way to find a perfect fit in the stores for grown-ups, and S. was empty-hearted when heading to the kids’ section all over again.

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Women used to be almost swept away by the continually unsuccessful shopping experience. We all desire to parade among our acquaintances in the outfits tailored handsomely and becoming. But we used to be constantly pained by the sight of the fashionable dresses and blouses with shoulders too wide and waists too low.

That wretched mental stupor, the fashion industry used to be in, finally seemed to lighten. Inclusive sizing becomes a good business strategy, even for many haute couture houses. Women of different shapes want to be true to the trend and be part of a modern fashionable movement.

Inclusive sizing is more than just the first subtle outcropping in the fashion industry, it is a re-creating mountain that is going to influence many things in the world. Finally, 00, petite, and plus-sizes are not treated as problems to be solved, but as realities respected and rightfully enlisted in life and business.

2) Social Media Is a Majestic Influencer and Manifests the True Body Image

One-day S. turned everything in her wardrobe topsy-turvy and inside out. The whole place was utterly destroyed, as if by an earthquake, but it was only her frustration burning. With half-shut eyes she was laying on the floor in the middle of that devastation in a perfect unrelaxation. S. decided to make a try for Paradise, whatever might be the result, and create her own line of “Fashion for Petite”.

She decided to be happy, even if it would cost her all honesty and money. S. shouldered her way in social media and added a rousing intellectual kick to the whole industry, driving change and building her own followings.

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Social media has a sneaking mania to kick start trends in fashion, particularly when used to illustrate diversity and body-accepting concepts. Nowadays everything is ridiculously exhilarated, beautifully abnormal, and deliciously insane. Gradually our vision is gaining in focus, and we wear confident faces and elegant outfits.

We comprehend a whole world of advice and insider knowledge available with renewed vigor. Scrolling with the thumb, we become thankful for the positive impact on our sense of worth. Consumers, those who buy, drink the cup of influence and shape the trends.

3) Clothes Have About Them Something Irretrievably Thought-Provoking for People Around

S. was certain there was more behind the image of a model than what we had seen and heard. Close to evil curiosity mingled well with cynical determination and the remnants of her personal story made her walk about with gathered truth and all the abandonment of courage on a podium on a Fashion Week in LA. The organization was dedicated to raising the profile of fashion with focus on the emergence of the new growing community of artists and designers that were proclaiming self-expression and celebrating body difference.

S. produced a unique and immersive fashion, showcasing her newest collections for women of all shapes. She was dedicated to support apparel of elegance and style for short and tall, slim and plump, embracing self-acceptance.

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One can be much muddled about the whole thing of fashion and style. But there is no way to deny the communication that our fashion choices create. Intentionally or unconsciously, we arrest the mind with meaning and the eyes with color. Our clothes become an investment into a favorable or unfavorable impression. Everyone wants to cuddle the minds of others by pleasant confidence and friendly acceptance. Every detail about our demeanor and outer wrapping speaks volumes about us.

4) Your Thoughts Become Invested with Certain Clothes’ Method

S. regained her good spirits. She was in sympathy with her beautiful, improved self, and inclined to joy and merry-making. The mystic cords of affection were stirred by smart and elegant dressing habit she adopted and promoted. Her style sent messages to her mind and the minds of others about self-respect and professional balance.

S. was the admired and the sought-for. The independence of success now made its first faint showing in making her thoughts positive, her creativity flourishing, and her decision making excellent. All was ripe for the message she shared. There was no need for fishing for customers. She was respected and distinguished.

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There is something in the ensemble we wear that at once sends messages to our mind and the minds of others. We are alive with thoughts and feelings concerning our looks. New research shows that our confidence and sense of self-empowerment are impacted by the choice of our dress.

Professional outfit increases decision-making skills and overall presentation. It creates social distance and broadens our perspective, allowing us to see the problem in a new detached way.

Our thoughts take on the color of our clothing. One can look simple and charming, and that will strengthen the desire to connect with other people. And being very much aware that you look stunning can bring closer the desire to bestow a little attention to a beloved person.

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In the fashion industry, the whole intensity of the diversity and nature was distilling itself. S. felt herself an indispensable part of the new movement. She felt that she would promise anything, everything to disentangle women and men from the beliefs in the conventional visual landscape of the beautiful person.

S. was anxious to turn the talk to broadening the very narrow rules existent for what was considered ‘beautiful’. And her passion had gotten to that stage now where it was no longer inner calling but a contagious, great, and brilliant movement.

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The fashion industry should find a sympathetic response in our lives – treat everyone with dignity and respect. It must not suppress self-expression and creativity. If we choose our personal presentation with care, we are able to radiate an atmosphere which we desire to create.

Things can straighten out with the help of clothes, accessories, hairstyle, fragrance, posture, body language, tone of voice, and the energy released. Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of mentally stepping into a picture of fastidious comfort and confidence. Dress accordingly and feel attractive.

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  1. I am loving how brands are starting to include different body shapes as well as diverse cultures in their campaigns. It helps everyone be able to relate to brands and actually picture themselves in the company’s clothing which makes us potential buyers more interested in buying the clothing items.

    • It takes a lot of creativity nowadays to attract customers. Things are so diverse and trends change so much that it is almost washes away the ‘fashion’ sign from it.

    • With social media making connection and interaction completely open, now we can express our preferences more clearly and support people we really like and can relate to.

  2. Modelling body diversity (and of course, body positivity) is so important these days. By showing only one type of body, women become depressed in their own skin.

  3. I really enjoy reading this article, I am glad that most of the company right now are starting to add different body shades with their clothing designs. I love the positivity of this movement and hope it will last for a longer time.

  4. i love when blogs showcase things that are different and this is definitely one of those blogs. I enjoy seeing that body positivism is really taking off now in our culture and more people are open to different body types. We are not all alike and should stop forcing people into small boxes

  5. I love that we are now celebrating all body types as that is “real” as compared to the stick thin models that were the norm when I grew up. I think it is fabulous and love it!

  6. I’m not very much into fashion and have some things in my closet that have been there for over 10 years and still fit. I haven’t changed much since high school! But I do know that what you wear can effect your confidence, whether you realize it or not. I know I carry myself differently when I’m dressed up or when I am wearing something that I just love.

  7. For me, half the key to a successful look is one that represents YOU, not what others think. I am trying to encourage each of my daughters to develop her own style based on what SHE likes, not what others think or what is “in”.

  8. You are so right when you say, “Consumers, those who buy, drink the cup of influence and shape the trends.” We are in control and can influence with our spending.

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