Luxembourg Is the First Country With Free Public Transportation


Fares for trains, trams and buses are now nonexistent in Luxembourg. Annual pass was worth of €440 (€4 for a day pass) before and low earners have a lot to celebrate. 

The main reason for this new legislature is environmental. Being a city with just over 600,000 inhabitants, Luxembourg welcomes 214,000 people who travel for work every day.

People from neighboring Germany, Belgium and France cause heavy traffic jams and the trip of 30 minutes takes about an hour. Luxembourg’s government hopes that the majority of people will switch from driving to taking a bus to save time and money. 

This plan is an important social measure and supposed to reduce congestion in the capital and significantly cut pollution.

Luxembourg also plans to invest 3.9 billion euros in expanding tram lines and railways from 2018-28, upgrade the bus network, improve bike lanes, and add more park-and-ride sites on the border. 

Luxembourg is the first country with free transportation nationwide. Similar experiment was introduced in Talinn (Estonia) in 2013. About 97 cities around the world have introduced free public transit. 

In the US – Kansas City, Missouri and Olympia, Washington – one can travel around free of charge. Somewhat 20 cities adopted the same policy in France and in Germany five cities agreed to give it a try. 

Zero-fare programs are a great measure that governments of most countries can adopt in order to protect the environment.


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