Kyrgyzstan – No Worries Destination Where Reigns a Policy of Intoxicating Delight


Conquest of the Country

I credit myself with the conquest of this land. It is almost impossible to bring me to forsake this welcoming place for any other destination. Kyrgyzstan greeted me warmly and secured my affectionate love forever. And when you devote your heart to some place, you obtain a fortune of a vast land because now that place belongs to you.

The most fastidious and picky of our tribe will get their satisfaction here. Kyrgyzstan knows how to grasp your imagination with a pleasure tight grip. Dwell with me for a little sweet moment and I will tell you the story of my victory.

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Secured Love

When you take a course of a sincere interest in people you bring their affection to yourself. Kyrgyz heart is capacious, it holds an abundance of generosity and love. Coming here with a clear mind and an open heart you become a recipient of those grand feelings.

Unblinded eyes will see the beauty of simple life. Rural areas of Kyrgyzstan are charming, full of daring and chivalrous people, who have much to say and plenty to give.

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Golden Chains of Hospitality

The most modest household will take every pain to make you feel like a monarch of a friendly nation. They may run into debt but will throw a feast in your honor. You will never have even a slight hunch about those troubles because these people take it as their personal high privilege to serve you and make you as contented as possible.

Kyrgyz people are known to be kind and honest. You will feel genuine care and friendliness that no money can buy. They will gift you to the ears and won’t take a refusal for an answer. You will go when you please (even if you came for an hour, agreed to stay for a day, and left in a week) with your hands full and your heart happy.

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Gastronomic Luxury

A sense of culinary exhilaration will be your daily companion. Any place you visit in Kyrgyzstan, be it a café, a restaurant, or a friend’s dining room, it is going to enchant you with its delicious food. Every meal here is a trip to a loving home: you sense the flavor of thoughtful attention in every dish.

Manty and oromo, plov and dymdama, samsy and lagman, shashlyk and beshbarmak; kumis, kompot, black tea with milk and honey, etc. – the list is long and will take a book to cover – but the essence is simple: they are all cooked with love as the main ingredient.

Thrilling Glance at the Past

History of this land is fascinating. It can be traced back to the ancient times (1st century BCE) and relates about rather proud but good-natured and just people. The wisdom of the past experiences is impossible to ignore. All sorts of information can be found but do not be lost in a multitude of old manuscripts. There is a solution in verse.

When you read Kyrgyz traditional epic poem Manas a strange spell as if exerted over you. What a magical and often sad work it is the reading about old times… The feelings seem so strong, as if people who expressed themselves so could never pass away. You feel a vivid and intense sense of present time in every person depicted and every event described. And you wish those warm and loving hearts could never die.

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The Empire of Symbolic and Significant

I was in a fit of passion when I saw the ornamented jewelry, rugs (or shyrdaks), embroidered handmade clothes, and all kinds of felt little articles to beautify your home. You will come to my way of thinking after seeing my purchases. There was no way to not yield to the cunning temptation.

Kyrgyz art is irresistible. Every symbol is culturally important. You can tell stories from the history of this wonderful place by simply looking at a little imitation of a boz-ui or a drawing of a Kyrgyz brave man on a horse with a sword in his hand. Kyrgyz patterns remind me of a beautiful music, a succession of shapes create a magic rhythm on every item. The motif is soothing and melodious.

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Glimmer of the Language

I take it as a habit to learn basic language expressions whenever I travel to a faraway foreign destination. Believe me, neither mountains no rivers would be able to resist your allure. It is so sweet to see the faces with their smiles stretched from ear to ear at a simple earshot of a greeting on their beloved language.

I could go on and on with those few words I knew, gesticulating furiously and creating an unforgettable first impression. Love was secured, they adored me because I tasted every word with the true eagerness of a gourmand. Kyrgyz language is the one you cannot have enough of and want to take it ‘to go’.


Splendor of Nature

The whole mystery of this place is rushing through my mind when I recollect the splendor of its landscapes. I know the reason why the blood is tingling through my veins from adoration. These mountains now have my heart in their sole possession and the sound of rushing river re-echoes in my soul.

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The nature of this country serves as a passport, introduction to a newcomer. It is the main reason foreigners want to visit this place and enjoy its breathtaking gorgeousness.

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Driven to Come Back

I often find myself with a bunch of pictures in my hand, and a bunch of happy memories in my head. The freedom you feel in this country, the love you give and receive leave an unforgettable impression and your whole essence strives to come back and see beautiful Kyrgyzstan again. True friendship excels in its meaning when you recollect hospitality of Kyrgyz people. Your friends will wait for you whenever you decide to come back.

This article is a first one of the many still to come.

Stay tuned…


  1. Oh wow it looks absolutely beautiful. I love landscapes like this. We often visit Wales and there is so much green and natural landscapes it is just beautiful xx

  2. It is gorgeous there! After reading your post, I went ahead and searched for other articles about Kyrgyzstan. About the country’s history, ethnicity, geography, etc. It would be wonderful if I could visit too. It just looks so idyllic there!

  3. The food looks so tasty and flavorful! My mouth is watering. I need to try it! (reciprocated by Natasha Romero-Salas)

  4. Central Asia is in our bucket list for the next few years! We experienced some Kyrgyzstan’s culture during our recent visit to Xinjiang China, a norhtern province. There are minority of Kyrgyzstan living there and we did experience some food and dance. Glad to see your post and it is so well-written.

  5. What a stunning blog post! I spent nearly 10 minutes staring the the photo, the landscape is amazing, and the food and such rich culture as well. I can’t wait for you to share more photos of the place

  6. Wow, my jaw is totally drop upon seeing these photos. The place is so beautiful and I can feel your excitement and the relaxing feeling of being there. I will definitely add this to my bucket list.

  7. What a great post! I love to travel and reading about it. The photos, are great. I would love to visit. What a great culture.

  8. This place is a dream! Everything is so green and the landscape is like something out of a storybook! I would love to visit Kyrgyztan someday. It sure looks like a slice of paradise on earth!

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