6 Reasons to Start Traveling and Self-Explore


I gazed with awe at him…

Supreme Importance of Charisma

Deep blue eyes and a broken nose. The natural grace of his person and that harsh voice as if it was broken and never fixed properly. I was put out by B.’s peculiarities when I first saw him at the Berlin International Film Festival. Being of a middle height and fair complexion with a merry face, laughing eyes, and rather down-curved sad mouth, he had that nervous organization that made you think that he was constantly struggling with himself.

B. received every person gruffly enough to avert any foolery towards himself. But the atmosphere around him was so healthy and benign after just a moment‘s reflection that every fine-bodied specimen of humankind could not resist his natural magnetism.

His story was fascinating. I bent my listening ear to the faintest sound of his charismatic voice…

1) Become Your Own Faithful Friend

Female backpackers traveller pointing the beach from the top of the mountain

“I spent all my childhood years in my native little cozy house in rural Germany. My parents as two faithful guardians kept close watch over their only beloved child not letting me wander too far from their watchful lead.”

“I dreamt about courageous travel enterprises and a world map on my bedroom wall was my devoted comforter. No wonder my favorite subject in school was geography. I could not have enough of every bit of information about the places I wanted to visit.”

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“My mom was not indifferent to my lamentations, but my dad was out of all positive spirits when I announced to them that I’d saved enough money from my laboring vacations to go around the world. By-the-by they used to the idea and offered me a deal that was going to save peace between us.”

“I had one year right after finishing high school to do what I pleased, but when the time was up I had to submit to their order and enter the university they’d already picked for me.”

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Most people find themselves hindered in believing that the choice made for them by someone they trust and love is the most prudent and favorable. Disquietude becomes a daily companion for these people and they often find themselves sunk in deepest thought about all other scenarios that could have been possible and most likely happy.

Often the lack of first-hand impressions, that only traveling experience can provide, goes hand in hand with the lack of life-defining self-knowledge. People and places, above all things, teach us to rise to our misfortunes and feel genuine pride for what we do and who we are, and without those life may be doomed to disappointment.

2) Get Rid of Your Private Misgivings

traveler with backpack and dog sitting on green meadow

“It dumb-founders my mind now to think about all the self-doubts I had. I left my country being scared as a sheep going right to the claws of a wolf. I was exploding with private misgivings.”

“Well… To tell the truth, there was not much for me to be worried about, my parents being over productive and over thinking every little thing about my bon-voyage. I had a place to stay in each country on my list: close mother’s friend here, old father’s coworker there, third cousin of my grandma’s younger sister, a respectable host family… and so on and on and on.”

“In three months and seven countries I was driven to my wit’s end by hospitality and predictability and went astray with my plan. And that when the self-discovery travel began.”

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When young and inexperienced we have a very limited view on ourselves. Often lost in self-doubting wonderings we timidly make unpropitious choices. To avert most misfortunes is to never derogate from every opportunity to learn about ourselves.

Equally remarkable would be to obtain a notion of dignity. When a situation that has a peculiarly exhilarating effect on the nervous system radically changes to the one that makes you feel empathy and compassion to the troubles of others, that in due turn transforms to a total tranquility in the place where magnificence of nature masters the mind – that transition creates a positive stress that forms self-understanding and self-respect.

When your perception goes to many countries and discovers many human characters, the despairing voice of private doubtful thoughts becomes less and less audible till it finds no echo in your soul.

3) Discover New Places and Get into Self-Digging

“India by far was the most interesting place I visited. This country taught me to love my blunders rather than being ashamed by them. At any rate, they suited me admirably. I mixed words and time-zones, I forgot names and numbers, I got lost in wonderings and markets…but I was good-tempered and compassionate – and those were the only valuable things needed in the country where heart treasures reign over any material possessions.”

“Now I can see clearly that if I hadn’t made mistakes at that time, I would’ve failed in becoming who I am today. I was finally disposed to favor myself to the utmost not ‘despite of’ but ‘even if’ finding myself tripping.”

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You won’t ever be vanquished in your strife with yourself. This way you find common ground with your best friend which is yourself. When debates redouble their violence, understanding of what is good for you reveals itself. Mistakes made, cease future calamities, they prevent us from taking equally rash and futile steps. New encounters and events underwent fill us with interest to life and ourselves.

4) Traverse the Countries and Occupations

“Halfway to Sydney, Australia, and half through the predetermined traveling year I got tired of misnomers. In France I was a writer, true worshiper of Hemingway; in Spain I dared play Gaudi; in Italy – Michelangelo; a philosopher in Greece, a detective in England, a politician in Ireland…”

“I gave myself enough concern on the subject and scrupulously went through my abilities and preferences. Outfits and movies were my bug-bear faults. This passion I decided to transform to dexterity in the next six months I still had to myself. I needed to provide a valuable and doubtless prove of my talents so that my dear parents could agree that successful leaving was possible in this occupation. And here I am – a film costume designer.”

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Traveling helps to obtain a commanding view on all the possible scenarios in life. By trying new things and learning new skills we get a better picture of how other people make their living. There is no other way to know if you like it unless you do it, even if for a short time.

We spend half of our life at work. The occupation that makes us content has to be found, on pain of a discovering journey…

5) Beguile the Time with Valuable Encounters

“I worked on many film sets. Found great connections, many acquaintances, and a few friends. I longed to tear away this industry and endured with many inclemencies along the way. I was kicked out of my first place in Sydney where I traversed with one of the leading actors trying to push through his objections my vision of his character’s look.”

“I spent two months in Moscow helping to film a comedy series. My life there was full of daring and chivalry when I was in love, and incessant doubt and torturing suspense when the euphoria ended.”

“Just an outside observer in China, no one willing to take an apprentice with no language skills what so ever. An errand boy in Canada and an assistant to the Costume Director in Hollywood. Many places, many characters, a load of co-existing experience, and quite a bit in the trade itself.”

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One worthy encounter can open up a prospect of a brilliant future. The material advantages of some fortune cannot compete with a good conversation that makes the burning ambition possess the person and make him conquer the dream of his life.

In the nature of things, people are more costly than any soulless things. So let the new encounters be incessantly renewed in your life.

6) Become a Guru in Your Trade

“Very often I find myself in supernatural aberration of mind that induces me to see the characters, especially if it is historical or fantasy movies, those are my favorite. I enjoy every day of my life and consider myself endowed in an eminent degree.”

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The wealth of feeling – love to your chosen career, should be a cult – the accelerator that drives you to constantly improve yourself and elbow your way through any difficulties to the desired height. The cup of that struggle to learn should leave a sweetness of illustrious improvement on your lips.

You’ll feel yourself so far away from the person who just started this journey some while ago. Now the power of inner vision upon your future will bore you company and endure with you the inclemency on your way.

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Traveling by far is the best generator of positive developing stresses in life. The scenes our senses go through should be bewildering sometimes, stunning often, and gloomy every now and then. There is no need to run to and fro and burst in and out in life – you will always be the better (as the case might be for thoughtful voyage) when gratified by new encounters, in a frenzy of love to nature, and seeing the distinct glimmer of your dream coming true. Explore the unknown places and learn about yourself on the way to every destination.

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  1. I love this! Travel is the best way to open up your horizons and your own soul. I think it’s the best way for personal growth.

  2. Well said and I totally agree as I myself is an avid traveler. Been to many places around the world and traveling has made me be more knowledgeable, confidence and understanding of other culture.

  3. These are all great reasons. I’d like to travel more because of number three. I want to discover new places and more about myself from it.

  4. I love traveling a lot, alone or with a company but i agree with you, traveling alone teaches you a lot of invaluable lessons. Great post.

  5. Great tips and such an encouraging post. I’ve been wanting to take a real vacation for a while now, but I think the anxiety and stress is a big part of what keeps me from making it happen.

  6. There are so many people out there still so afraid of travelling. I remember getting my friend to travel with me for the first time, she was so scared but after that there was no stopping here.

  7. This is such an interesting post! Being an avid traveller, I completely agree with each point mentioned in this article ☺

  8. I love travelling but my anxiety sets me back big time. I’ve only travelled by myself on a handful of occasions and each was terrifying. But you’ve certainly give some good reasons to perhaps consider trying again.

  9. We shouldn’t be afraid to travel alone, because most of the time that’s the moment we value more of our selves, and appreciate all the blessings surrounding us. Have fun and give smiles to people you encounter along the way.

  10. Can’t agree more! I’ve traveled alone several times and I have zero regrets. Traveling alone gives you the liberty to do what you want, whenever you want and at your own pace. Thanks for sharing!

  11. When I was young and still single, I love to travel and hike just by myself. Right after my travel or hike I felt so light inside like a load has been lifted. I feel more confident and attached with myself.

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