Japanese Newspaper Becomes a Blooming Flower When Planted


The most famous national newspaper in Japan is 100% sustainable and if planted, it blooms. 4.6 million copies are sold daily bringing over $700,000 in revenues. 

The latest Japanese invention is called “Green Newspaper”. It is made of vegetable paper that can be planted after being read. “Green Newspaper” was invented by the publisher The Mainichi Shimbunsha.

Planted paper is a mixture of recycled paper, water, and small flowers’ or herbs’ seeds, and it is on the market for several years. To make such paper is possible even at home and re-use it in a creative way: tearing it into small pieces, planting, and watering. 

Japanese daily is committed to environmental protection. It advertises water donation campaigns along with sustainable newspaper publishing. 

The initiative encourages people to think about circular economy, giving things a second chance. The decline in the paper sales due to digital versions of information can be combated with innovative and fun ideas like that.

The eco-friendly newspaper is multiplying flowers making Japan greener and cleaner. People breathe better air as carbon dioxide is absorbed and oxygen is released by those plants.

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