How to Stay Healthy and Sound During Coronavirus Outbreak


Common signs of Coronavirus COVID-19 is dry cough, shortness of breath, fever. 

Drinking a lot of warm water is a great recommendation to prevent many known viruses. Trying to avoid cold icy drinks is now becoming even more important. 

Among other recommendations are the following: 

Coronavirus disease can spread from person to person. Frequently washing hands with water and soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of an illness. If in public, use a paper towel to open the door, and still avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Covering your face with a mask is important but even more vital is to stay home if you are feeling sick. In this condition you may be more prone to catch another virus on top of the common cold you might have. Even though you may not have any sore throat symptoms it is still recommended during this time of a dangerous illness outbreak to gargle it with saltwater regularly. 

And keep in mind all the good healthy habits we’ve learned from our parents and grandparents during our lifetime, such as washing our clothes frequently enough (these days even the garments we wear outside).

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  1. I think it’s hard but we need to work under it. I stay at home and only go out to walk my dogs avoid all the people I can

  2. Really really important reminder as we navigate this new, temporary reality. Being socially responsible and staying in self-isolation really is so important.

  3. I have been in quarantine for 7 days now and it’s so hard. We are only allowed to get out to buy food, and even then we need to wash our hands before entering the supermarket, and also wear gloves.

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