How to Find a Good Book to Read


An advice from a genius writer whose masterpieces the world missed to see.

May I Present

my friend A. He is at his late 60s and, my word, in his youth he must have been irresistible. His face is mapped with roads and rivers that only time and extreme life challenges can create. Each line presents a reasonable attempt at exquisiteness.

A.’s speech has a gentlemanly flavor about it – makes you think of frockcoat, stick, and bowler. His sixty and some years had not impaired his intelligent vivacity. Indeed, his conversation could not be otherwise than profitable to me, for he is thoroughly acquainted with the art of coming out winning over the difficulty of getting a volume of value.

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You cannot find more devoted to the crafty pen person. A.’s inward exultation at seeing his works read is heartwarming. Although, you must be in a circle of chosen few close and trusted friends to be able to have a glance at his poems. Humble and dubious, he never made his words public. I want to gratify his work by just saying that reading those words aloud would have made my lips bleed in painful admiration.

The luxury of this conversation is sublime. So, let us have a real, rattling good time with A. and fix up the book business.

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1) Worldwide Known Classics


“There is almost as much charm in a quality literary work as there is in first love. The certainty of success the world-renowned masterpiece achieved diminished all likelihoods to make the wrong choice. When you are sitting down to a book of Leo Tolstoy or Charles Dickens you always have your own say in an artistic conversation. The most superb taste will be satisfied with memoirs of a genius, or the fiction that is written so skillfully that can be taken for a sober fact.”

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No need to throw your thoughts in confusion on seeing the vast shelves full of unknown volumes. The classic works are soothing to the mind and consoling to the soul. Their depth and complexity train your perception to see the splendor of the characters that flourish in our society. By reading world respected books you cultivate your mind and develop your intellect.

2) A Darn Good Person

“I need a personal connection with a writer. That is why I employ myself in finding the ones I can respect. If a particular author manages to secure my favor, I will read those books with no delay. The great art of authorship should be accompanied by the true virtues of a person’s heart and soul.”

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Research the facts from a novelist’s life to make sure that you can relate to his/her values. Let the life of your favorite writer provoke the best feelings in you. This way you can add to your strong passions a solid appetite for a meaningful life.

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3) A Protagonist’s Recommendation

“A book that strengthens my heart and an author that seals my best affections have the right to divert my attention toward some other literary work. This kind of a qualified approval is tended by me with admiration.”

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You can bury yourself in the pages of a book suggested by your favorite author. If the person whose opinion you respect offered you some interesting read, go ahead and dive into it. That author lived by his wits and he had proved long ago that he had some wits to live by, so his opinion matters.

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The whole mystery of the bookish life is re-shelved by a simple principle of cultivating your reading taste with the help of world known classic books. The best and most talented brothermen share with us their view of life, and you can trace that time didn’t change the values that stabilize the world.

Be picky when it comes to the choice of your circle of favorite authors. Make sure you like them personally and, when you’ve done so, you can trust their judgment and get a book they consider worth reading.

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  1. Well said ! Just like music, there is no dearth of talent in the literary world and with so many published work , you sometimes feel lost who to read ! I started with classics and when I liked the work , I explored some more from teh same writer.

  2. I hate to admit that I haven’t read an entire book in quite sometime but have been wanting to. I agree that reading a book by an author that has the same values as you which will only boost and make those values more vivid.

    • I love classics more than anything. It still takes time to find a good read in that huge list. Thank you Stephanie, for adding your touch to this article.

  3. The beginning where you drew out this A character, I was able to really picture him in my mind and visualize what he would be like.

  4. This is so true! It’s very important to feel a connection with the author, because it depends how much you are going to enjoy the book

  5. I never really thought much about the authors of most of the books I read. I look for the subject matter mostly. However, I have recently cut one author out (it ended up not mattering because they pulled the books too) because of things I learned. Good post — it gives me something to think about!

  6. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and getting lots for hours! I love reading and always have…even though I think I like it eve more as I am older 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  7. This is a world that i don’t know a lot about but I would love to know more for sure. I am an avid reader and have a few authors that I follow.

  8. Well. I have a quiet special relationship with books. I’m not a avid reader but when a book catches my attention… I literally eat it… Like I can’t do anything else I have to finish it.

  9. I love reading books. It is a major entertainment for me. I do love classics but modern authors are great to me too

  10. This year one of my goal is to read at least 1 to 2 books per month but will definitely read more most especially if the author of the book catches my interest and attention about his/her work. Thanks for sharing a good points on reading books.

  11. Some good thoughts about cultivating reading tastes. I believe in reading a wide range beyond our favourite genres, and I believe they can also evolve as we evolve, too!

  12. I would love to read a book recommended by an author himself. These people are pure talent so they know fellow authors who are likewise as good as them.

  13. I really appreciate your recommendations,in fact almost all the books that I have read was recommended to me. It really matters to me.

  14. There are some authors I love and dedicate myself to reading their books. Although I don’t know them personally or ever meet them in person, I feel as if I know them already. And if they recommend a book, I’ll surely check it out.

  15. I think it depends on the type of book you are reading. If it si something that you are tryig to learn from, then it is important to know, trust, and like the author. If it is something to escape reality, then it really doesn’t matter who the author is if you enjoy the book.

  16. I really like your perspective of learning about the authors in choosing what to read. I’ve picked up Anna Karennina several times, but just haven’t gotten into it. I don’t reach much fiction now-adays. I’m mostly into non-fiction. I did read quite a bit of fiction when I was younger. One of the last fiction books I read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Loved that one.

  17. I think it is super important to read in childhood, especially when we are going to school where the peer pressure, the academic pressure want to force their own points of view on us. The more we read, the more opportunities to form our own opinion of state of things.
    And as far as a favorite writer, well, I’ve got a ton of them.

  18. A. sounds like an interesting person to get to know! And I also love to know about authors and what in their lives brought them to write the books that they did.

  19. I normally stick to synopsis when I pick a book. if I liked the book I often become curious of author and might (or not) want to read some more.

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