How to Make a Childhood Memory Last a Lifetime


The snow was deep, the morning was happy, and the planned activity for the day was the most cheerful.


A nearby forest was a place for kids’ games and enchanted stores of hidden treasures. The kids from the whole village gathered their sleds, skis, and simple hunks of plastic – those were the best things to use to sled down the main hill – and met at the designated place.

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A child’s nature is sensitive to every little prick in family life. The only trusty guides kids have are their parents. The scornful reproaches from the best loving people are the most painful and tend to shut the little creatures in.

Through the feeling of love, they know the illimitable variety of other emotions. Their delicate souls are shaped very easily in a straight or a crooked way. If you become a dominant spirit of unconditional love, you will be able to show them the path to happiness.

Allow Them to Experiment and Explore

I put on my best coat. That white-pinkish fake fur made me look like a tiny cloud of thick mist on skinny legs – and taking my own makeshift sledding gear, I ran to meet my friends. We had a blast! My face was red, my lips chapped, and eyes watered from the frosty air, happy shouting and too much laughing. 

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The knowledge is attained by trial and failure, touch and pain. Do not take too many pains to make the life of your kids and, consequently, yours an existence with very little to distress. The chances are that down the road it will make them suffer from emotional solitude.

It is necessary to have something to regret about. It is like making a new path in the trackless woods, discovering where it is better to speed up and where it is necessary to stop and wait. Those various experiences teach them to make darkness light and crooked ways straight for themselves.

Do Not Let Distemper Oppress You 

When I came home at last, much later than I was allowed, I looked like a drenched grey mouse – my lovely fur turned into a dirty wet mass and the look on my mother’s face said more than words could. But she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and produced the most wonderful, kind, and warm smile only mothers could do looking at their beloved child. 

I was able to fully reflect on her words many years after. At that time they only meant that she was not cross with me: “You know I love you, cutie pie. Life is composed of happy moments, so let us have another one together. I am going to make your favorite pancakes. How about that?”  

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The world around us is alive, ruddy and satisfying only if you are allowed to make mistakes without fear. A child is struck dumb if scorned often for trifling things. There is no freedom in a house in constant order with the kids in a state of never broken obedience.

There is no way to have an always smooth story to tell about family life. Wild tunes should have their place in your family symphony. Think of the consoling things to say when you see the sparks of tears in your child’s eyes. Be a living embodiment of love, trust, and understanding.

Unite Every Blessing of Existence and Make Every Moment Special

We added one of the most precious memories to my sacred chest of happy moments. My sister and I were sitting at our small square solid wood dining table covered with the sunflower tablecloth. My mother always made our house look like one of Stephen Darbishire’s colorful summer paintings. I spilled tea and sprinkled the space around my teacup with sugar as usual.

The green tea with ginger, lemon, and honey was my mother’s masterpiece. Accompanied by hot pancakes, straight from the pan, it was the greatest luxury of my childhood. I needed to possess a remarkable skill to be able to finish the previous round thin and soft delicacy in time to stretch my hand for a new hot one before my sister did. It was a funny little competition. Even nowadays we play this game mostly to amuse each other and to make our mother laugh heartily. 

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Your child’s bright spirit is cultivated at home in traces of numerous happy memories. The windows of his soul open to the sunlight of joyful family recollections. His optimism is inspired by sincere smiles from loving people.

Your heart is in your kids’ happiness. Embrace every little moment of togetherness and you will see how lovable and uplifting their nature will be.

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My mom chose happy moments to outline her life and ours as well. To an outsider’s scrupulous eye, it might have been a sad life of many losses, but she decided otherwise. The simplest things in life are the most valuable and sometimes you need to become wise with years and questions you ask others and most importantly yourself to appreciate them. 

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What to use as a measuring scale when you define life is solely a personal choice. There is a multitude of feelings, countless moments, numerous meetings, hopefully, plentiful impressions – everything has its own emotional shade. We are all comprised of the fragments of our various experiences. Being a parent, it is in your power to make the majority of these personality-building-moments bright, colorful, and happy.

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  1. Great post and thank you for sharing. I have kids and I like the idea of learning from experience , but we also have to teach them about things they can not experiment on. Things like our life lessons and stories.

    • Insightful. Yes, I do agree and write a lot about the need to be a good guide in our kids’ lives in my book “20 PROVEN STEPS FOR SUCCESSFUL PARENTING”.

  2. The only thing any child wants is precious memories with their family. What a great time in the world to create these bonds.

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