How to Start Writing a Book: A Writer’s Diary – Part I


Your story will rank with the deepest art of all times if you have the command over the written word.


A. is a 26-year-old office worker who is bored to death. When her boss is looking the other way, she switches the screen of her computer to the pages of her book. Everybody knows about it and nobody seems to believe that she’s capable of writing it. But she’s determined to stick it to her friends, family, and her cat Rob – an only faithful companion in her lonely one-bedroom apartment life. We are going to witness a drift of her thoughts during this process.

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As you lift your head a particular ‘Writing-Sunday’, feel the grandeur of your idea that you desire to communicate to other human beings. Your story will rank with the deepest art of all times if you have the command over the written word. Many fascinating things are still in the regions of the unwritable and the unspoken. Astonish your reader in the interests of truth – things you perfectly, even to the most exquisite nuances, understand.

The Story That Becomes History

I decided to start telling everybody that I am writing a book to push myself to action. I thought about it for a couple of years and it never went farther than just a dream that I was too afraid even to make an effort to fulfill. When at work, family gatherings, and friends’ parties people started to ask me: “How is it going?” “What is it about?” “When will I read it?” – I was too embarrassed to keep lying and STARTED WRITING my book. 

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Every person is a living myth where the real and imagined blur together. It does not matter if the story is not yet the truth. When a lot of people consider it so – it becomes history. We should learn to tell our story confidently and convincingly. Only then does the desired reality becomes your present.

People should find your story easier to remember than to forget. If you have the ability to control over the ghost of an idea, make it meaningful, depict all unutterable communications, and add a few well-chosen silences, you are a poignantly skilled writer. The best you can do is to encourage your talent. 

Your Life Train Can Go Only Uphill

If I have a thought, it keeps buzzing there like a hyperactive bee confusing the web of my life with that honey bucket bouncing from each strand. When I empty it – write it down, the ability to concentrate and function is back. I was driving from the coffee shop and that idea about Death almost blurred my vision and I, only by some miracle, didn’t miss my turn. I came home and took off my second shoe only when the thought was transferred to the screen of my laptop.

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Your train cannot go downhill, only uphill. If your life is a happy creation, the passage of time makes you wealthy with new impressions and knowledge. You trade aging not for fear but for the coin that feeds your curiosity. And the simple magic of being always inquisitive is in sitting in an uncomfortable car of the upward bound train with a magnificent view from the window; dreaming about a comfy sleeping compartment and never getting into one.

Coping with writing-related-difficulties is a game of hide-and-seek. You never know what is wrapped around the next problem. The way you deal with them tells tomes about you as a writer. You should be inexorably grateful for the gift of overcoming the obstacles on your way. You become utterly curious and utterly hungry during this process of personal development. 

Everything Can Be a Source of Energy and Inspiration

My life reminds me of a Rubik’s Cube: one side is red and the others are all messed up and never get into order. I am behind the plan my relatives have for me: 1) to find a job that my father will approve – done! 2) to marry the guy my mom will like – not yet there and often seems never will be 3) to have kids to please my grandma – need to deal with the second point first! Why does even thinking about it makes me sick? The guy in my book is looking for his lifelong partner and failing constantly as well. 

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Everything can be a source of energy and vigor: passion, rage, and even fear, but never guilt. Guilt deprives you of the healthy engagement hunger, which is the only source of creating freedom. 

Everyday life has the territories of characters, the acres of concepts, the meadows of thoughts, and the domains of ideas. And I tell you: Why don’t you let them free with the help of your artistic pen? 

When You Know What to Talk About

My best friend Sasha has the look of a naughty baby that just broke my favorite cup with the picture of us smiling. “I read the title and I liked it,” she says. “Next line makes me think that the second sentence will be easier to digest and I will start understanding. When I was done with a paragraph, I went back and read it two more times – and still had no idea what it was all about.” A lump of desperate powerlessness and frustration is blocking my throat and my vision. “You are so smart, so wise and intelligent. Everybody will love it and will be amazed by your style,” she squeezes my hand. “It is just me. I do not know English well enough. You know this is not my strongest side.” I go to the bathroom and switch the water on so that the sound of it will muffle my sobs. I look at my eyes. Tears make them turn from the juicy greenery of young leaves to the mature dark color of ready to wither grass. I love to watch this transformation. Sometimes, just for that reason, I like to cry.

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When you know what to talk about with a person – you feel mutual affection. This chemistry between you can grow into true friendship when you drink tea with saffron, cardamom, and ginger in silence that is full of shared beauty of common understanding that whatever is kept quiet has the meaning you can read with every breath. This music does not need words. 

There are people that swagger in your memory as the finest. Read the ready chapters of your book to them. You will get on famously with the feedback from a trusted circle. Do not turn a deaf ear to their response. 

Fear Comes From the Knowledge

I am my worst enemy with all those excuse-walls I build on the way to my artistic calling. Where is my much-valued deviousness? I used to be so inventive playing ‘school game’ with my grandma for two weeks before she realized that she was doing homework for me.

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Fear comes not from the pain of a strike, a fall, or a loss but from the knowledge that the one who did it to you is out of your reach or, what is even worth, you don’t even know who that was. 

Inhale the very fragrant of your fear and toss it out of your heart. It should help you to move ahead, not to force you to stop completely. People will judge, some favorably, others – otherwise. There is no product of imagination and experience that will suit everyone. You may make yourself famous with particular chosen people of similar mental construction. So much the better. 

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I had a nightmare today. I was skiing and looked awesome in my gear: ski goggles, helmet, and fashionable ski suit. While cruising down the hill, I jumped on a trampoline and I crashed into a tree. I got up: my ski poles were crooked and my skis – broken, my suit was torn and my goggles were smashed, my face was bruised and some teeth were missing. I dusted myself off and looked up, saying: “Still better than at work.” My life is so predictable that even this dream is a breath of fresh air. Still struggling with the second chapter of my book. 

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Sometimes we need Novocain blockage for emotions to cope with our daily tasks. If everyday life brings sad thoughts, we need to find something to smile at, even if this something is ‘you getting left behind’. Humor – is the best cure for depression. And to know how to be funny is a great achievement. 

You may judge of the success of your efforts by two things: the number of pages written and the vastness of pages crossed and rewritten. This process is laborious and requires a great deal of patience and self-control. You are naturally born to great things. But those things are placed in the middle of the two extremes, between the fear to act and the bravery to dash headfirst. The wise man should have both in moderation and make progress with some fear and a bit more bravery. This way you get moving with more consideration and contemplation.


Stay tuned…

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