Hall of Gems and Minerals: New York Museum of Natural History Exhibits the World’s Largest Gems


The Allison Mignone Hall of Gems and Minerals was closed since 2017 for renovations. The 11,000-square-foot exhibit is reopened in the American Museum of Natural History. 

The redesigned exhibit is an interactive and high-tech show of the great diversity of mineral types that one can find on Mother Earth. Every visitor is able to experience a notion of color like never before and explore the concept of mineral evolution.

The story of minerals is unveiled with the help of large-scale media projections and interactive displays with colorful animations. 

About 4,500 different types of minerals arose on our planet and the touchable new displays tell the story of how scientist classify them. 

We are able to admire one of the most spectacular collections of gems and minerals form different cultures across the globe. 105,000 minerals and 5,000 gems are planned to be displayed in several galleries. Some of the treasures have not been displayed for many years. 

On the nearest exhibit plan is the following collection of Minerals: 

The 12 and 9-feet tall amethyst geode from Uruguay; 

A 9-pound “subway garnet” that was found under the streets of Manhattan in 1885; 

The 563-carat “Star of India” sapphire; 

The 632-carat Patricia emerald; 

Jewelry by Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany and many more.


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