Global Suicides Down 38% in Recent Decades


According to data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) the suicide rate fell by 38% since 1994. 

According to The Economist, the worldwide suicide rate has decreased 29% since 2000, and down 38% since 1994. 

The largest drop in Russia and South Korea. Controls on alcohol sales along with exercising and eating healthy are the primary reasons for it.

Thanks to more freedom women in China and India are choosing to live. Now they have more opportunities to study and work away from family pressures. 

The elderly across the world live more productive lives with more access to good health care. The Economist reports that in Britain elder’s suicide rates are down due to its palliative-care system is considered the best in the world. 

Policies that reduce access to means of suicide, such as gun control laws, contributed to declines in Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Israel. 

Suicide is considered a preventable cause of death and it can be effectively reduced if dealt with properly. If to treat suicide as a similar to other health outcomes condition we may find similar factors that trigger it. 

The World Health Organization considers self-harm as a critical public health issue and plans to cut global suicide rates continually.

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