Gardens on the Move: Singapore’s Public Buses Plant Greenery on Top of Their Roofs


The “Garden on the Move” is a part of a three-month study to see whether the temperature inside the buses can be lowered, this potentially will save on fuel used for air-conditioning. 

The authorities decided to make an effort to combat the urban heat island effect by reducing temperature outdoors. Research shows that temperature can be reduced by 20 to 30 degrees just by having greenery on surfaces, buildings and vehicles.

The initiative was headed by urban greening specialist GWS Living Art. Two patches of soil-less greener were installed on a bus. Everything is pre-grown and just lays as a carpet, requiring very little maintenance. 

Singapore has roadside greens, parks, forest reserves and vertical gardens and the next logical step toward sustainable living is rooftops of vehicles. 

The farther documentation of the effect of greenery on moving vehicles will demonstrate how cities can use plants to combat global warming. 

The bus endeavor joins other green initiatives in Singapore such as making 80% of buildings green by 2030, and solar-powered “supertrees”, the man-made mechanical forest of 18 vertical gardens, generating solar power. 


People like to be close to nature, but urban is where many live and work. So, inviting nature in our daily life reduces stress level.

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