Farmers Substitute Pesticides for Ducks to Grow Crops


New environmentally-friendly method of using ducks to grow rice crops in Japan is getting popular. The ducks are specially trained to eat insects, weeds, and weed’s seeds, preventing new weeds from growing. Consequently this process results in natural aeration which increases nutrients and phosphorous within the rice. In return the ducks receive a nutritious diet and help to eliminate of methane gas that contributes to global warming.

South Korea, China, Bangladesh, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Iran all agreed that this method benefits everyone and everything. The Rice-Duck approach lowers the cost of rice, increases productivity and even the farmer’s salary. In result we get organic rice that is quite cheap. 

Rice-Duck farming is effective in some districts of Nepal. It helps small-scale farmers to create a sustainable income. Rice-duck farming training provides participants with the necessary knowledge of how to raise the ducks, space transplanting the rice, fencing, integrating the ducks into the rice field and many more.

Farmers are also provided with the ducklings. This way they can have all they need to a successful transition as well as so much needed support and encouragement to implement the effort to help save the environment.

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