Empathy Classes in Denmark: the Country Ranked in the Top Three Happiest, and Here Is Why


In Denmark classed on empathy are mandatory from age 6 to 16 since 1993. Students learn empathy early on and become more emotionally and socially competent.

The UN World Happiness report over the past seven years ranked Denmark in the top three happiest countries in the world.

Empathy is a learned skill and introducing it early diminishes bullying and helps children to be more successful in the future.

For one hour each week students come together in a comfortable setting and discuss any problems they may experience and try to find a solution with the guidance from the teacher.

The teacher wisely makes an emphasis on listening skills and helps them to understand others with respect and recognition of each other’s individuality.

The class allows everyone to be heard and receive encouragement and inspiration. During those one-hour sessions, students learn the importance of mutual respect and acceptance.

The examples teachers show are vivid and impactful. A small act of kindness can change lives and encourage others to tell the story and repeat the kind gesture.

Danish parents consider happiness during upbringing very seriously. They raise happy children who consequently grow into happy adults with happy children following.


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