Edible Coffee Cups: Air New Zealand Combats Waste


New Zealand’s national airline is promoting edible coffee cups to reduce the amount of waste onboard its planes.

Local company Twiice makes ‘leak-proof’ cups from vanilla-flavored biscotti. The company is working on a new line of edible plates and dishes, which could also work for airlines.

It may be a small change but it is still an innovative way to meet sustainability challenges. In the UK about 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year.

Air New Zealand serves more than eight million cups of coffee a year and the change in cups reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. 

The change to the edible cups was the second move Air New Zealand has made to go eco-friendly. Recently, the airline switched to compostable cups made of paper and corn. The company serves salad dressing and soy sauce in small reusable bowls instead of individual plastic packets.

The top three airlines in the U.S. have adopted similar practices

The world’s plastic crisis is a major issue in travel business. It is encouraging to see the airline minimizing its environmental impact. 

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