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“I love myself the way God created me and the way life, not always gentle, adjusted the sacred work,” she used to say.


O. was shocked and due to that felt no pain at first. People were shouting and gesturing to one another trying to figure out how to distract the furious beast. Somehow, O. did not recollect exactly how, it was pulled from her. The man who helped her in an old blue ‘Zhiguli’ and drove to the village dispensary and later to the nearest town hospital was the owner of the dog. In the hospital O. got nine stitches in four places on her face.

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Life with no challenges is fatal to a striving for the better human nature. It should be like the turbulent see that hurries you along. Sometimes lands gently, occasionally, dashes you on a beautiful coast or a piece of a rock. And the force of this fall may determine your future success in life.

Painful Experience Often Is the Strongest Building Block of a Prominent Personality

The doctor that performed the work of reconstructing O.’s face did not know about cosmetic stitching.  He simply decided the way he would do it was going to be sufficient. During the procedure O. concentrated on his deep fine-tuned voice. To listen to him was like drinking warm cherry punch on a frosty winter day, and very likely would have made her just as easily tipsy. His work was not bad, just not good.

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Nearly every human being, giving sufficiently miserable circumstances, will react to those very circumstances through a deliberate self-pity. But when you get to understand how things are, you stop to worry. Everything is changed and you are changed as well, that is a fait accompli. You need to accept it, because the sooner you realize it, the sooner you’ll understand that ‘different’ does not always mean ‘worse’.

Some people go silently and smoothly through the world, others undertake neither of both. Peace and plenty do not encourage growth. Ultimately, the way you go out of life, proud and with your soul in peace or otherwise – only that matters.

Everything Happens for a Reason and Your Inner and Outer Looks Depend on It

O. had the scars, one was very visible, and people asked sometimes about it. She considered it a part of her unique personality. O. liked her face. “I love myself the way God created me and the way life, not always gentle, adjusted the sacred work,” she used to say.

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Life challenges are there to spirit you for what is before to come. It is in vain to sit still and wish for the better life. You need to furnish yourself with necessary experience. Every new obstacle should encourage you to go beyond your abilities.

Providence is often a cruel teacher and makes us feel completely miserable at times. Never feel depressed, rather unite the best blessings of your nature and learn to be a gainer in every situation.

Moments of Straggle Open the Best (or the Worst) in People

Thoughts about O.’s mother, her loving face darkened by suffering because of the incident, overpowered the fear of thread, the needle, and pain. And even during the recovery, when the only recollection of the event made her shake with uncontrollable sobbing – the result of a great fright – O. tried to compose herself with enormous energy.  The glance at her mother’s eyes with a distinct element of worry pulled her together and O. did her best to laugh.

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A violent life tornado may make you feel loose and misguided at first. Some discomposure of mind is understandable. The way you come out of this state determines who you really are.

Often, perfectly unfortunate circumstances make a perfectly noble and accomplished person. And occasionally, an opposite happens, when an utterly perfect abundance of every imaginable luxury awakens the worst in people.

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Sometimes, I think, O. is made practically entirely from one heart, and often it thinks itself far too clever and shuts the rational mind up. But it did her a good service so far by helping her to get over emotionally and physically painful moments.

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To think of each other and not of oneself is a virtue of a noble soul. It is the benevolent nobility of a caring and truly loving person. The one whose desire to give overpowers the desire to take. This love gives the strength to withstand many of life’s calamities. Lack of selfishness is the quality to have if you desire to obtain a true inner power.

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  1. Thank you for this article because I can relate to it. One thing that I know for sure is that ” The force of every fall actually determines your future success in life.” Thanks again

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