Compostable Banana Plates: Peruvian Group Launched Dishes Made of Banana Leaves


A project called “Bio Plant” was launched by a group of young Peruvians. Biodegradable plates reduce environmental pollution. 

Naturally shed leaves are collected, pressure washed, scrubbed, sun-dried, compressed and sterilized to produce eco-friendly tableware. 

Every banana leaf plate can completely degrade naturally within 2 months. The ones made of polystyrene take up to 500 years, damaging the flora and fauna. 

Now, when specialized machines were designed, “Bio Plant”, also known as Chuwa Plant, can manufacture 50,000 dishes monthly. The plates and bowls are able to withstand heat and liquid.

The group plans to market their products in restaurants, wineries, and eventually to distribute eco-friendly plates to other countries. 

The banana industry has many uses. In some grocers in Thailand, produce is packaged with banana leaves. Fashion United turn banana stem fibers into wallets, ropes, paper, textiles and many more. 

The biodegradable leaf plates have vast potential in the international market.

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  1. That’s awesome. These plates would be great to have for outdoor picnics. No more paper plates or disposable plastic dishes for me. Any little thing to save the environment is a go for me.

  2. How wonderful that the banana has so many uses. My mother-in-law used to have a banana tree outside of her home. I don’t think the fruit was the edible type though.

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