Saturday, September 19, 2020

How to Discover the Things That Motivate You

To think of each other and not of oneself is a virtue of a noble soul. It is the benevolent nobility of a caring and truly loving person. The one whose desire to give overpowers the desire to take.

7 Reasons to Stop Hating Yourself and Others

Time spent on hope, faith, and charity without losing in the least on aggressive emotions is increasing, rejuvenating, endless and gratifying.

10 Things That Can Ruin Your Social Media Presence

Remember – a spirit of candor and frankness never fails.

3 Reasons to Compete Against Yourself

Woe to those who dream of what others have and fail to see the potential in themselves. Competition with others runs you into a blind alley.

8 Types Energy Vampires and 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

Do not be a loose thinker, recognize when you’re being drained by an energy vampire, do not let yourself be filled with anxiety.

Why Social Media Overtakes the World

Your enthusiasm, your violent likes drive your life and assert themselves in all the every-day occupations of it.

7 Reasons to Cultivate Patience

Patience – active powerful state. With it you are always able to find a way to a non-irritable and non-hostile place within yourself.

4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Backbiting and Gossiping

Thrive and prosper under the united care of your intuitive mind and soul. Listen attentively to what you feel and act accordingly.

6 Powerful Tips to Attract Success and Happiness

Let your dream grasp you with an iron hand. The path to it should be remembered even in old age.

6 Reasons to Start Traveling and Self-Explore

Traveling by far is the best generator of positive developing stresses in life.