Saturday, September 19, 2020

How to Make a Childhood Memory Last a Lifetime

A child’s nature is sensitive to every little prick in family life. The only trusty guides kids have are their parents.

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Let her share her feelings with you, do not think they are not serious and childish – for this little soul it is ultimately important to find support and compassion in her parents. 

2 Wisdom Quotes That Will Help You Understand Parenting

Your assignment in this journey of life exploration is to be a guide, not a guard; to explain the nature of things, good and bad, not hide their existence.

3 Things to Be Aware of When Bringing up a Child 

When all that he knew throughout his life is orders and expectations to behave a certain way – he loses self-control and the skills to judge what is good and what is bad by himself.

3 Tips to Build Confidence in Your Child

Be open to exploring your true emotional world so you can become sensitive to your baby’s sacred needs.

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Father is wisdom in the face of difficulty. Mother is compassion and love. The combination will form the child’s personality and develop her/his character. 

4 Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Raising a Child

Govern your actions with respect to his emotional world and always try to put yourself in his tiny shoes to try and see the world through those innocent eyes full of love and devotion.