Carlo Ratti’s Orange Squeezer ‘Feel the Peel’ Serves Bioplastic Cups Made From 3d Printed Orange Peels


Circular design is coming into everyday life with the help of Italian studio Carlo Ratti Associati

A prototype orange-squeezing machine turns the waste fruit peel into 3D- printed bioplastic cups. An experimental Circular Juice Bar is an example of the circular economy and an inspiration for tomorrow’s everyday life full of smart objects.

CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati in partnership with global energy company Eni developed a machine that helps us to understand how things of everyday use can be used beyond their capacity. 

An orange squeezer machine filled with 1,500 oranges that slide down into the squeezer, then peels are stored, dried and milled, and finally turned into a bioplastic. 

Sustainable cups can be used to drink juice and serve as an inspiration of a new approach to environmental circularity in daily life.


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