Cancer-Cell Free – More Than 5,000 People Lined up in the Rain to Become Donors and Save a 5-Yo Boy’s Life


A five-year-old boy was given three months to live after his diagnoses of aggressive and rare form of leukemia. 

His parents found out about his cancer in December 2018 when they noticed that he had a lot of bruises on his body. Right away Olivia Saxelby and Jamie-Lee launched an appeal called ‘Hand in Hand for Oscar’ and people started to respond.

More than 10,000 people responded to plea for donors. 5,000 of those lined up in the rain outside the Pitmaston Primary School near Worcester to be tested. A match was found and although the stem cell was transplanted, the disease returned last year. 

The boy’s mother said “We felt like we could not see light at the end of the tunnel, but when looking at Oscar’s cheeky smile, bravery, and determination, we managed to pull our strength together again.” 

Parents of Oscar Saxelby-Lee were able to fundraise £500,000 for life-saving treatment in Singapore. The boy had CAR-T cell therapy. His immune system cells were reprogrammed and he also had second bone marrow transplant. Oscar is now free of the disease.

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