Blood Donors in Sweden Get a Text Message Whenever Their Blood Saves Someone’s Life


Blood donation rates decline all over the world. New technology is helping Sweden’s blood service to keep their stocks up.

Donors are sent automatic text messages telling them when their blood has been used. In many cases that means that your blood has saved someone’s life.

The first text they receive when they give blood and the second one when their blood is transmitted into somebody else’s veins. This positive feedback expresses appreciation of donors’ effort, develops their self-importance, and encourages them to donate again.

A great feeling of knowing that you made a difference and most likely saved someone else’s life has become viral across social media. People started to talk about blood donation to each other. This visibility in social and traditional media also makes donors donate again. 

When started in Stockholm three years ago, this program gradually moved to other areas of the country. In Britain and in most Western countries the decline in blood donations is significant. New ways to increase donations are highly celebrated.

Blood Donors in Sweden Get a Text Message Whenever Their Blood Saves Someone's Life

Sweden authorities have decided to be open about the levels of blood in stock. The local blood service’s website shows a live chart of how much blood is left. When people know that the stocks run low they respond more willingly. People become more understanding how important their contribution is.

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