Big Awards Show is Going Plant-Based and Vegetarian


Why Hollywood big shows are going “green”.

The Academy of Motion Pictures now goes only for plant-based menus with no plastic bottles. The 2020 Oscar awards season was 70% plant-based and 30% vegetarian.

Oscar event now and in the future will not serve beverages in plastic containers. The world-known organization is setting a simple and vivid example of supporting the planetary wellbeing.

The Academy stated “For the past seven years, the Oscars show has had a zero-carbon imprint. We continue to expand our sustainability plan with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.”

Golden Globes, the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards dinners support the movement. And the vegan menu is received with appreciation. The change received support from majority actors in the industry.

Famous people speak on the climate emergency situation and support the words with the action. A lot of celebrities accepted with praise and consideration the announcement to put the planet above their fashion and wear rented instead of new gowns.


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