Ban on Using Wild Animals in Circuses: Portugal’s Law Covers More Than 40 Species


In Portugal people will be enjoying themselves without animals suffering starting from 2024.

Circuses will have to register their animals with the government and put them in wildlife sanctuaries. The Portuguese government has followed the example of more than 40 countries including Mexico, Greece, and Singapore, which passed similar bans some years ago.

A partial ban on wild animal acts has been in place since 2009 and with the new law the country is extending this measure.

Many countries realized some years ago that larger cages, stricter rules to improve the lives of circus animals were not the solutions for the problem.

By 2024 circus owners will have time to list their wild animals and those that free their animals before the above date could be eligible for the aid that will support them in retraining for a different profession.

The Portuguese government has indicated that more than 1,000 animals will be placed in wildlife shelters in Portugal or overseas.


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