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Help Your Child to Fulfill His Destiny: 10 Axioms That Will Secure Your Parental Success


“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”

–       Mother Teresa

1) Family Is a Spiritual Experience for Parents and Kids

Success is determined by understanding each other’s roles and trust between the two. Father is wisdom in the face of difficulty. Mother is compassion and love. The combination will form the child’s personality and develop her character.

2) Help to Reveal the Unique Personality

A child is born with her personality written in her life-book. Our goal as parents is to help to open this book and teach our child to read it. We should not in any way try to change its contents. The main secret of this book is that we cannot read it right away. We also need to learn how to do it by gently helping our kids through this process. We see just blank pages at the beginning and only later start noticing some signs and strive to learn this language and understand it fully. We carry unlimited power in our hands and used unwisely it can ruin this book by rewriting it. This happens if you are lazy about learning: “Why learn a new language when I can just write what I think is right? Isn’t that much easier?”

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3) Our Kids Do Not Belong to Us

When born, they already have everything of their own. You can trace the strong spirit early on as well as discover gentle softness right away. By trying to be a writer, not a reader you may ruin the exquisiteness of this book. Eventually, you will lose interest in reading it. Instead, we just need to guide our kids gently on their way by sincerely being willing to know them and admitting the existence of their perfect nature.

4) Acceptance and Respect Are the Fulcrums

Take your child’s hand and start this thought-provoking journey without trying to force or judge. Do not compare – but respect. Harmony in a child’s inner place (the place where she keeps her most sacred soul belongings) is vital. This precious personality that grows in love comes to understand the internal peace within herself. The child in this atmosphere will obtain a strong belief in her importance and will be ready to defend her personality in any circumstances (playground, school, work) not being afraid of ridicule.

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5) When the Time Comes, a Child Reveals Her Dreams to an Adult

In most cases this all-knowing wise individual bitten by the world wants “to protect” the little girl and put her back on the ground first before the cruel world does that less gently: “Wait, my friend, reality will show its sharp teeth to you. You better think about how to finish school and find a good-paying job.”

What are we without dreams? Mere automatons. Dreams make us move, create masterpieces, and make new scientific discoveries that save millions of lives. Dream driven actions make a king from a peasant, and a king without dreams becomes a vagabond. By supporting our kids when they strive for happiness and greatness, we make them believe in the imaginary reality and help them to make it real.

6) Pay Attention to Character Development

Very often we do not pay as much attention to our children’s character as we do to teaching them to hold a spoon and eat, to brush their teeth and make their bed by themselves (to free a bit more time for ourselves). Patience is the highest rung on the “child-care ladder”. With this capacity in our hands, we can help our kids to attain up their “dream realized life”.

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7) Do Not Force Your Little One to Imitate Anyone

Do not compare him to other children. In striving to imitate, the child becomes like a crow in an old parable. He vainly tries master flying in the skies in an attempt to become a sparrow. As he strives, the little crow forgets how to walk on his own.

8) His Power to Be Himself Should Be Respected

Look at the child in his first year of life. This is his fairy tale where there is no need to pretend that you like something when you don’t. He is the king of this land, comfortable in the presence of loving, devoted parents and fierce if he doesn’t like someone, even if this someone is the monarch of the neighboring state. This king is brave in everything he does, not afraid of doing something wrong.

His power to be himself should be respected because it brings him peace. Parents as his chaperones on his way through his kingdom should show support and unconditional love: “We love you as you are. You will never make us love you less.” In this land they have discussions and arguments, they have different opinions, listen to each other with respect, learning from their differing points of view, and solving problems together.

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9) Answer With Patience and Honesty

When your child asks “what” you should answer with patience and honesty, explaining the “why”. Wise parents know that the explanation should not be misleading as it is hard to correct this mistake and keep the same level of trust afterward.

We should remember to not pressure our kids by instilling in them the behavior that we think is appropriate. The main emphasis is on playing and making it joyful. Even such a thing as brushing teeth can be fun. And if the question “why should I do it?” is asked, patience and creativity help to make the answer reasonable in a childish way but with a truly grown-up meaning.

10) Your Child Is Entrusted to You

Do not consider your child a source of pleasure for yourself: giving love when you feel like it, and if your mood is blue – considering the child as a mere hindrance on the way to a quiet sleep on the couch.

Read more in my book


Listen to the baby’s needs, look for signs of spiritual openness, and pay attention to the dreams communicated in the baby’s language.


Stay tuned…


How to Raise a Child Able to Trust the World: 2 Wisdom Quotes That Will Help You to Understand the Purpose of Parenting 


“Under heaven, all can see beauty as beauty, only because there is ugliness. All can know good as good only because there is evil. Being and nonbeing produce each other. The difficult is born in the easy. Long is defined by short, the high by the low. Before and after go along with each other.”

–       Lao-tzu 2nd Verse of “Tao Te Ching” 

1) We Live in a World of Contrasts

This verse from the book of wisdom teaches us about paradoxical existence. We live in a world of contrasts. To understand and appreciate beauty we need to learn about ugliness. We can see white because we know what black looks like. The truth is born in lies. Pain makes pleasure so alluring.

As a mature parent, you know the harsh and bitter taste of betrayal. You learned about the spiritual agony of a suffering heart and the physical soreness of broken bones. Your desire to protect your child from all the hardships of this world is understandable. Is it possible to put him in the shell of your care and safekeeping? Yes, but this existence is miserable. He won’t be able to recognize true friendship and companionship without knowing how disappointment and treachery hurts.

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Will he value and cherish his good health unless he knows how bitter the taste of medicine is and how sore is the bruise from a clumsy fall? The minute you are not around anymore… what do you expect him to do? To learn how to clear up the road without ever holding a machete in his hand? Now without your warning and mentorship he’ll cut and bruise his gentle hands severely because they are not used to hard work. 

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2) Your Mission on This Parenting-Journey

 “To assist a child, we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.”

– Maria Montessori

Your mission on this parenting-journey is to create an environment of trust and security so that your child feels love in the quantity he needs. Respect his emotions and value his innocence. Never ridicule his pure soul. Show an example of a principle-centered life. Do not think that if you teach him to trust he may be too naïve when the time comes to stand on his own two feet. He will develop the intuition and sensitivity to read dishonesty if he knows the value of true feelings. Seeing your loving attitude, he will be able to note any trace of betrayal ahead of time.

He will still make mistakes here and there but they will be few in comparison with the disastrous consequences that could’ve taken place in a different case scenario. Imagine a child growing up in a family where he is scolded and misunderstood. The environment of selfishness and lack of love: where whatever love he gets is controlled and given in small amounts. Later in life he won’t be able to see white and black in people and relationships. He won’t be able to trust his friends or spouse. He will be looking for a deceitful motive in any person’s actions towards him. He’ll suspect unfaithfulness everywhere. And the pain of it he will taste in full because choosing the right person will be hard.

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Without experiencing true love and care he won’t know if what he’s got is good and worth cherishing. He will see a gaze of humiliation and think it may be a loving one because he saw the same thing coming from the very people he used to trust with his whole heart. 

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Love is the key. Respect is the door. And happiness in life is the path that this door leads to. 

Your assignment in this journey of parenting life exploration is to be a guide, not a guard; to explain the nature of things, good and bad, not hide their existence. Do not try to clear the road but predict the stony ground or the dark path through a forest full of dangers and prepare him, equip him with the right gear for the hard trip.


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4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Make Your Union Better Worth Looking at Than Most Works of Art


“This is part of what a family is about, not just love. It’s knowing that your family will be there watching out for you. Nothing else will give you that. Not money. Not fame. Not work.”

–       Mitch Albom

1) Why Do We Need Each Other? 

Have you thought about the underwater waves in the ocean of the union of two? Is it only to fill empty space that we are looking for a companion in our daily life? Most of us want and strive to find that one unique person created specifically for us. Some find peace in a lonely life. Their daily partners are objects, not people. Maybe books or paintings, work or traveling. The purpose seems to fill in space with someone or something.

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2) What Does Family Mean to You? 

Do you want to live a peaceful life in a cozy house and bring up kids? There is meaning in everything and nothing happens without reason. What I mean by that is whatever you are looking for has its own spirit. It can be soothing and curative, treating your suffering soul. The joy you feel may help another being to learn to laugh and feel pleasure from life. There is a child that needs his mommy and there is a father that needs to be present for the wellbeing of a little guy. Spirit of love, care, companionship or healing spirit. There is for sure one that is determined for you and when you sense it, don’t let it slip away from your grasp, hold it tight. It is the one that carries your happiness in a backpack.

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3) What Is the Purpose of Your Union? 

“Human lives are not pieces of string that can be separated out from a knot of others and laid out straight. Families are webs. Impossible to touch one part of it without setting the rest vibrating.”

–       Diane Setterfield

Two people decide to live together. Everyone has a calling that makes life inspiring. The two have a purpose to their union. The success of this newly created merger depends on the oneness of their mission. If one of them brings thoughts about status and acquisitions, and the other wants to serve people – do you think they will be able to maintain peace in their relationship? Each will be pulling in opposite directions their family-blanket and it will eventually tear.

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4) What Does Make You Both Happy?

There is no happiness if each is driven only by egocentric ideas, without considering the needs and wants of others. When you create a family – you become one organism, living and breathing through one source, looking and moving in one direction. The meaning of the words of Dr.Wayne Dyer: “Remind yourself that there is no way to happiness; rather, happiness is the way.” – is deeply rooted in the understanding of the importance of every moment of your life. And the moment you decide to unite your life with another person, first you need to understand that he or she makes you happy now.

Happiness comes from inside not from the outside sources that you think may produce joy. The combination of you both, creating a universe of your own – this is the happiness of never being alone anymore. Your best friend and your lover will be pulling the carriage of your future with you. If every move you make brings you delight, the path to your ultimate goal will be easier. You will meet the right people on your way, great opportunities will open their doors and you will find yourself always in the right place at the right moment.

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When you have the very person beside you and decide to be together and bring to this world a better version of you both – then you agree on a major transformation. This decision and the responsibility that comes with it will make you both change dramatically. Now not only does your happiness depend on the decisions you make, every turn you both take on your way to a family may lead to your child’s well-being or failure.

Do not fear the responsibility, but do not take it too lightly. The beauty of parenting and the prickles of it make your family’s journey fascinating. Very often you will be surprised by what you encounter on your way. You may feel sad and disappointed – do not let hardships scare you. Be brave and strong, flexible and open to change. You will be constantly adjusting yourself and learning every step of your fatherly/motherly way.


Stay tuned…


See Your Victory in True Love and Your Mastery in Sincere Gratitude: 4 Essentials for Making Your Relationship a Tough Nut to Crack 


“There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.”

–       Charles Dickens (“David Copperfield”)

1) Start Every Encounter With 100% Effort 

There is no such thing as “give-me-and-I-give-you” relationships. Start every encounter with 100% effort to do the best you can for the other party and that will transform your life. That desire to own someone completely settled in every heart. And from there this unruly longing puts together selfish schemes. It puts ‘must-s’, ‘has to-s’, ‘should –s’ in your way, so that you only give if you know that you will get something back. Stop thinking that the other person must, has to and should do this and that for you, because You did a good deed. Let your left hand create unconditional kindness and do not let the right one know about it. 

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2) Do Not Expect Any Payback 

Either from that person or in any other form you will get twice as much. The universal law of boomerang doesn’t make mistakes. It regains more speed and comes back with much more force, good or bad – you decide. The same law governs the “country of two people”. If both of you give 100% of your love, care, attention, understanding, respect – you can get a hold of happiness.

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3) When You Put Into Force the Power of Devotion and Unconditional Love

When you take the person beside you as a gift to you and you relish this gift with care and admiration; when you consider that person your soulmate, the one that is going to be always with you no matter what, in good or bad – then you will get what you expect. But if you ponder your relationships as something “not-for-ever”, “today-here-tomorrow-not”, and take it for granted – you also get exactly what you expect. 

George Eliot expressed the significance of this union like no other: “What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” 

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4) When an Essential Ingredient for Your Happiness Is Missing 

Some people tend to anticipate a change to the worse in their partner and prepare themselves for it. This attitude serves as a protective mechanism: “When it happens – I will be ready, and it won’t be so painful, so I better love him/her less.” In this case an essential ingredient for your happiness is missing: the ultimate trust and belief in you both. 

Read more in my book


Think about it for a moment: your kids will love you – yes, but they will have their own lives with their own spouses and children. You need someone who will be with you forever. Someone who won’t care how your looks change, as you get just more beautiful with the years going by, accumulating wonders inside.

To grow together, to prosper, share ups and downs, support each other every step of the way… Don’t you want that to be your reality? Let it be. Be ready to give 100% of yourself to a loved one.

“Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family. Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead out daily life too often as if we take our family for granted.”

– Paul Pearsall

Don’t take it for granted. Say thank you every day and not just once.


Stay tuned…

Work Tooth and Nail When Building Your Relationship: 4 Things You Need to Know to Attract True Love


“When you can feel someone else’s pain and joy as if it’s your own, that’s when you know you really love them.”

–       Ann Brashares

1) We Judge People 

Is this right? No. But this is the way it is. The looks play an important role in creating the first impression. Often if to take only appearance the judgement we make is wrong. True values of the heart are not seen right away and take only second place in our people-scale.

Whether you have a lifelong partner or are waiting for one, what does your ideal look like? What personality traits should he or she possess? What is the most important for you? Think these questions over but remember you can go just as far by only looks. You may already have learned the hard way that pretty face may carry emptiness inside. And some time after you discover that you have nothing to talk about.

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2) When You Take Enough Time to Learn About the Person 

When you like what is inside, you start to see that face in a different light. No rush. Take time and pay attention. Life may be short or long, and no one knows how much time you have. Who is the one to share it with you? Who will become your soul mate, your trusted friend, love of your life? Patience in every aspect of this process is crucial. 

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3) Learn to Live With Yourself in Harmony 

You will be able to attract the right person to be your companion, your lover, and your friend when you feel love and acceptance toward yourself. You should receive sincere and handsome compliments self-compliments every day. This will teach your heart to beat in a rhythm of love-attraction.

Family can be the most magnificent experience of supreme understanding and affection. This is the most nourishing and fulfilling relationship that can help you to grow and prosper. Just think about the purpose of a family partnership. What does it mean for you?

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4) You Have to Know Exactly What You Want 

Know where you want to go in your relationship. Know the end point of this joined voyage. You will find yourself in a place you’ve created in your mind and believed in. If you are looking for a person to smooth over your loneliness – you will get that kind of a person that can just be there, present but meaningless. And you will get tired of each other at some point. Nothing to talk about and no need to spend time together. And here you are: scheduling and overscheduling yourself just so that you don’t have to come home. People you don’t really want to see, but the more the better – no need to think of the gloominess of your life.  

But you can come to a more certain ground if you are more specific about what you expect from your significant other. Think about everything from outside decoration to the filling inside. Be precise about what you expect from your partner and what You are ready to lay on the table of this partnership feast. There is no way to get a delicious culinary masterpiece that will make others marvel at your skill unless you put effort and creativity into it. You will have the most delicious love experience when you get ready for it with loving anticipation, take time to choose the perfect ingredients, and cherish every minute of the process of union-creation. 

Read more in my book


“Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.”

– Gail Lumet Buckley 

The effort you put into making the defining decision in your life will pay you tenfold. You are the most important ingredient in this universe-recipe. You influence people around you and when you get better, someone beside you advances to a different level as well. Very often to bring fresh air to your relationship you need to start with yourself. And if you are alone at this very moment – the effort in altering the usual course of your thoughts, and consequently behavior will attract feelings you’ve been longing for. 

“Happiness unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”


Stay tuned…


Blaming Others Is Living in Some Sort of Imaginative Whirlpool: 2 Reasons to Take Responsibility for Your Actions 


“Maybe, sometimes, it’s easier to be mad at the people you trust because you know they’ll always love you, no matter what.”

–       Ann Brashares

1) Stop Blaming Everything and Everyone for the Mistakes You Make

We tend to look for weaknesses in other people to justify ourselves. It is a simpler path, but it is the longest road to happiness and it may not even lead you to the right destination – too many distractions on the way. The solution to almost all our problems is in understanding the power we hold in our own hands. Your decisions, your choices, and your actions made this happen.

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2) You Have the Power to Adjust the Course of Your Life

There are so many things in life we do not notice but regret on the day of the final scene. The play is over and you do not have all the time in the world as you used to think. You were postponing the time to be with loved ones (later, another day); delaying the meeting with an old relative and asking the right questions to find out about the roots of your family tree (now it is too late). You rescheduled that vacation you dreamed about multiple times (next year – turns to be several years and now you are not healthy enough to travel long distances). On your deathbed you get to understand that new car you bought not having enough money for it and putting more debt on your shoulders deprived you of enriching your life with real valuable things – impressions and experiences that only new places and acquaintances can provide. It is a sad play. Don’t wait until it becomes your reality. 

Read more in my book


Love yourself and make an effort to appreciate everybody and everything around you. Eliminate any negative influences and impressions (TV-horror movies, people that make you feel miserable; places that tend to bring bad memories – anything that can change the state of tranquility). It is not an easy thing to do. But to consciously control your focus is a perfect way to direct your energy flow.


Stay tuned…


Let All the Strong Things of Your Heart Come out in Your Body: 2 Tips to Build Tireless Habits in Sport  


“The strength was always in you. All you had to do was find it.”

–       Katherine Givens

1) Sometimes the Fastest Way to Get to Your Destination Is by Slowly Taking Small Steps 

There is no need to hurry if it leads to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Let’s say you want to exercise and get in shape. But you have not been to the gym in a couple of years. So now if you decide to go every day and invest an hour and a half or two hours in your workout – you may continue for a week or two, but you end up exhausting the resources of your body and spirit. One day you will find some excuse to not go. The same will happen the next day and as a result you will stop fighting with yourself. But if you take a different approach you will get into the positive habit of physical exercise and eventually you’ll crave that feeling of healthy energy in your body. 

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2) By Just Taking It Easier and Giving Yourself Rewarding Gifts You Will Get to the Desired Goal

In the beginning  you force yourself to go twice a week for thirty minutes, promising to get a healthy ice-cream on your way back, which is not the same as the one you used to treat yourself with, but is pretty darn close. Next week you add one more day, in a month you sometimes feel like adding fifteen more minutes, and already after a year you wait for your gym day, you enjoy your hour training and have a couple of sets of very nice looking sportswear.

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If you take the same approach in almost everything, having the ultimate goal of creating a habit, you will go very far by moving slowly.


Stay tuned…


Put New Steps and Slides Into Your Life: 3 Reasons to Welcome Changes and Self-Change


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

–       George Bernard Shaw

1) People Change 

It is normal to think one way today and to have a completely different point of view the next day. You may have in your circle of friends and acquaintances some people that always keep their old beliefs strong as a brick. These people do not even question the validity of those beliefs and don’t consider any judgments, believing, that just the idea of obtaining extra information (to clarify and make sure what they think is true is still this way at present) is an offense. If you have someone like that around you, you know how hard it is to talk with that kind of person. And you most likely try to either not even talk on that matter or do your best not to be left alone with that person at all. 

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2) It Is Normal to Change Your Mind 

There is a ton of new information circling around us every second. And something we believed was good yesterday is not that way anymore today. Look at the medical world: a few years ago mothers were made to believe that breastfeeding is not as beneficial for babies as the formula was. But scholars changed their minds and revealed the undisputable benefit of mother’s milk. 

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3) We Should Grow and Growth Requires Change

Without growth, life is not sweet at all, and growth requires change. The same is true with the people that surround you. You may find comfort in the company of a few select friends mostly because at this very moment they think in a similar way and you share similar views. And you still can be close, although your life path leads you to a different destination. You find new people to share your thoughts and to teach you new skills. 

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It makes life an incredible adventure when you let in new impressions that new people bring. You may not be as open to taking the first step and saying “hi.” That’s not a big deal. There are plenty of people that enjoy doing it, so you just need to welcome that approach. The more people you meet, the more you listen to them – the more receptive your brain becomes to the “people reading” skill. And to develop it is one of the main keys to success in life.


Stay tuned…


Flourish in the Full Vigor of Your Personality: 3 Success-Defining Reasons to Listen Empathetically 


“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know. No life is a waste. The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone.”

–       Mitch Albom (“The five people you meet in heaven.”)

1) The Very Success-Defining Skill 

There are many things that we learn early on but think insignificant and omit in the process of our upbringing. One of them is the very success-defining skill – empathetic listening. That skill involves all our senses: ears, eyes, posture, mimics. It is vital to learn to listen using all of them, and not just to “listen” without even capturing the meaning as we think at this very moment about what we are going to say next. Most of us do that. Pay attention next time and you’ll see the living proof.

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2) We Need to Listen Twice as Much as We Talk

We have two ears and one mouth. Isn’t it a sign to be more attentive when someone is sharing information with us? But here again we need to rein in our egos. We think that no one can give us anything valuable, which is such a big mistake. Every person in our lives comes with a definite purpose and you just miss it when you do not pin your ears back and give yourself in full to this moment of shared wisdom.

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3) The Art of Asking Questions 

Imagine a foreign language course in your curriculum. And you decided to skip a lesson or two. How hard is it to stay at the same level of knowledge as your more responsible classmates? You feel you need to put so much extra work in now to acquire the same speed they learn with. Of course, in a classroom environment it is easier to grasp the meaning of some rule that is difficult to understand, as there is always someone who will ask the right question that will cause you to understand the teacher’s explanation. The same thing in life: you may miss that particular opportunity to listen, think, and ask the right question and the life you want to live becomes a few steps farther from your reach. We need to master the art of asking questions. And to do that we need to listen and think. And, of course, to have the end result in mind (I mean “why I need to listen” and “what I need to learn”).

Read more in my book


The vital ability to think requires some training and a lot of practice time. You go to the gym to make your body fit and strong, and in the same way you need to train your brain to think consciously on subjects of everyday life. I know it is insane to force your mind to think: “take a toothbrush in your right hand and brush the upper left side…” and so on. Our subconscious mind keeps us sane by relieving us of the necessity of tracking every routine movement. But simply by trying to use your left hand more if you are right-handed and vice-versa makes a world of a difference. Small steps like that create a habit of using our thinking muscles more frequently and making them all-weather resistant. Every achievement starts with the unremarkable little steps that we take every day in the direction of our ultimate goal.


Stay tuned…


Awaken out of a Grotesque Life Dream: 2 Simple Things That Will Teach You to Value Your Time and Enjoy Every Moment


“Gratitude is the heart’s memory.”

– French Proverb


1) We Do Not Control When the Last Day, the Last Hour, or the Last Moment of Our Life Will Be


By some odd universal law, we are not taught to appreciate what we have and should cherish. Interesting fact: we do not control when the last day, the last hour, or the last moment of our life will be. So why not make this day, this hour, this moment special. And it might not be any different day from yesterday and the day before. But it is in your power to make this moment singular by enriching it with thoughts You pick, feelings You define, and images Your eyes want to see.


If you set yourself up to see the bare tree and a foggy gloomy day with no sun in the sky to brighten your “now” – you exclude yourself from the beauty of the smoky-bluish-grey sky, the freshness of misty-dewy air, the soft whispering of the wind and the magnificence of sleeping nature getting ready, growing strength to bloom with colors in spring that is just around the corner. 


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2) You Can Consciously Fine-Tune Your Inner Radio-Wave


“Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.”

– Robert Brault 

You have the control and you are able to consciously fine-tune your inner radio-wave to a “happy-sunny-mood” station. Every breath is precious, every sound is unique, and every glance is dear – love yourself and love every moment. Before you open your eyes after leaving the warm embrace of sleep think about the good you want to bring to this day. Think about the person you want to make happy and what can you do to bring a smile to this lovely face. 


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Gratitude is your playmate in this happy-game of life. There are so many things we take for granted and this is the biggest mistake ever made. You are given sight – say “thank you”, you can walk – be appreciative, you are healthy – that is the greatest gift anybody can have. There is no need to go far in search of a brave heart that despite physical limitations or severe health issues inspires people by the example of unconditional love and beauty of their souls. Look around and you may find such person living just a few steps from your threshold. Open your eyes and ears to the messages these people share by an example of their life. 



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