Saturday, September 19, 2020

Olya Aman

Olya Aman is an accomplished author of 5 books and a number of stories. Her pen is a finest instrument of amazement, entertainment, motivation and enjoyment chasing each other across pages. It causes women to smile with delight and men to close eyes in a thoughtful admiration. With her read in hand you will always have the sun on your side.

Discover How You Can Exercise and Love It

You are precious, beautiful, benevolent.

5 Clear Lessons of Happy Life That I Learned From My Friend

Let love be your faithful guardian that keeps close watch and prevents you from taking a negative feeling into your life.


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Govern your actions with respect to his emotional world and always try to put yourself in his tiny shoes to try and see the world through those innocent eyes full of love and devotion.

3 Ways to Create Healthy Emotional Atmosphere for Your Child

If you govern in your household by the rules you never explain properly so that little soul may understand and admit them – you teach external discipline – one without understanding.

8 Ways to Make Your Child Mentally Strong

The forms of this demoralizing act can be physical, emotional or psychological. Someone said: “Advising a person in public is like insulting him.”