Monday, June 1, 2020

Olya Aman

Olya Aman is an accomplished author of 5 books and a number of stories. Her pen is a finest instrument of amazement, entertainment, motivation and enjoyment chasing each other across pages. It causes women to smile with delight and men to close eyes in a thoughtful admiration. With her read in hand you will always have the sun on your side.

Patience – a Most Formidable Instrument of Human Nature: 7 Reasons to Cultivate Wise Ability to Wait

Patience – active powerful state. With it you are always able to find a way to a non-irritable and non-hostile place within yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rumors and Backbiting: Consider These 4 Sources of Spiritual Aid

Thrive and prosper under the united care of your intuitive mind and soul. Listen attentively to what you feel and act accordingly.

Painful Loss Should Be Incapable of Flooring You: 4 Techniques to Eliminate Suffering

To find an antidote to painful emotions is essential. Grief, when left alone, may carry you away against any reason and will.

How to Keep Happy Attitude in a Disabled Body: 6 Ways to Become a Virtuoso in Living Life to the Fullest

The purest and most amiable generosity of other people, their truest, warmest, soul-felt teaching of flourishing despite any limitations serve as the greatest power that alleviates the sinking of soul and spirit.

Engaging Brilliance of a Big Dream: 6 Powerful Tips to Create Abundance and Prosperity

Let your dream grasp you with an iron hand. The path to it should be remembered even in old age.

Kick Doubts out of Your Life: 6 Reasons to Start Traveling and Self-Explore

Traveling by far is the best generator of positive developing stresses in life.

Moving Forward with a Good Book: 4 Healing Properties of a Quality Read

Once you’ve found your own Scheherazade, life stops running helter-skelter and gets in a peaceful order.

Turn off the Niagara of Regrets: 6 Ways to Avoid Being Upset About Your Past

A positive view on days-by-gone creates a profusion of loving energy that motivates a person in his life.

Kyrgyzstan – No Worries Destination Where Reigns a Policy of Intoxicating Delight

True friendship excels in its meaning when you recollect hospitality of Kyrgyz People.

How to Navigate in a Multitude of the Literary World: 3 Major Principles

The whole mystery of the bookish life is re-shelved by a simple principle of cultivating your reading taste.


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Help Your Child to Fulfill His Destiny: 10 Axioms That Will Secure Your Parental Success

Father is wisdom in the face of difficulty. Mother is compassion and love. The combination will form the child’s personality and develop her/his character. 

How to Raise a Child Able to Trust the World: 2 Wisdom Quotes That Will Help You to Understand the Purpose of Parenting 

Your assignment in this journey of life exploration is to be a guide, not a guard; to explain the nature of things, good and bad, not hide their existence.

4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Make Your Union Better Worth Looking at Than Most Works of Art

When you have the very person beside you and decide to be together and bring to this world a better version of you both – then you agree on a major transformation

See Your Victory in True Love and Your Mastery in Sincere Gratitude: 4 Essentials for Making Your Relationship a Tough Nut to Crack 

To grow together, to prosper, share ups and downs, support each other every step of the way… Don’t you want that to be your reality? Let it be.