Olya Aman

Olya Aman is an accomplished author of 5 books and a number of stories. Her pen is a finest instrument of amazement, entertainment, motivation and enjoyment chasing each other across pages. It causes women to smile with delight and men to close eyes in a thoughtful admiration. With her read in hand you will always have the sun on your side.

Praise the Virus Hunters: These Nurses and Doctors Are Doing Amazing Work

To stop infectious diseases like Coronavirus is hard, to overestimate the bravery of people who willingly fight on the frontlines of outbreaks...

The World’s Most Ancient Continuously Inhabited City: Damascus’ Evidence of Settlement Goes 11,000 Years Back

Damascus, Syria is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East, the center of a flourishing craft industry.

7,100 Reasons to Visit the Philippines

The Archipelago is covering nearly 300,000 square kilometers and consists of 7,100 islands, some of them still unnamed. The...

Exploring the Country With Twice as Many Pyramids as Egypt

Sudan, a war-torn stretch of bland desert, has more pyramids than Egypt. More than 255 pyramids were built in...

Diamond Dust or Subsun – a Brilliant White Spot Below the Horizon

A white, vertically elongated sport of light that arises through reflection by horizontal faces of ice crystals. This...

Sea Without Shores & Coastline: The Sargasso Sea Is the Only One of Such Kind on the Earth

The Sargasso Sea in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean is a unique creation of nature. It is surrounded by ocean...

Iceland – a Home to the World’s Most Active Volcanoes – Grows 5 CM Every Year

Right now Iceland is growing, as it splits wider at the points where two tectonic plates meet. The eastern...

The Sahara Desert Painted White With Snow: Snowstorms Blanket Rare Parts of the World

Snow visited this landscape in 1979, December 2016, and January 2018. In 2018 for the third time in 40...

One of the Earliest Civilization in the World: Mohenjo Daro Is Destined to Be Buried Again

Archaeologists are trying to save the 5,000-year-old city in Pakistan by burying it. A Bronze Age city Mohenjo Daro...

Paralyzed Surgeon Operates from Stand-Up Wheelchair

Dr. Ted Rummel is fixing shoulders, wrists, elbows, feet, knees and ankles and patience are relieved from pain and suffering.


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How to Free Yourself From the Restraint of Everyday Monotony: 5 Ways to Be Mentally Engaged and Never Repentant

O. looked at things in a funny sort of way, even going home from school with her was an intellectual research of a peculiar...

Flower Paradise: Tulip Fields of the Netherlands

Never-ending fields of wonderfully colored flowers were portrayed by the most famous artist.   Spectacular scenery is not just aesthetically beautiful, it is also economically important...

Great Power of Strong Feelings That Will Uplift or Dispirit You

Even a faint glimmering of love changes the way a person feels. The coming day seems brighter, any gloom is relieved with the warmth of sincere affection. With love in your heart you can bravely elbow your way through the thickest of the life troubles. On looking intently forward, the future seems hopeful with this rejuvenating feeling inside.

Discover the Things That Push You Forward and Make You Rise Faster Than the Nature

The life with no challenges is fatal to a striving for the better human nature. It should be like the turbulent see that hurries you along. Sometimes lands gently, occasionally, dashes you on a beautiful coast or a piece of a rock. And the force of this fall may determine your future success in life.