A Sneaker Made of Apples: the World’s Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Shoes


Mark and Greet created high-quality sneakers made from apple peels and all recycled materials.

The Komrads APL Company of footwear Mark and Greet co-founded has the lowest possible impact on the planet. A genuine sneaker is made of apple peels, car tires and recycled ocean plastic. The final product is 100% vegan, sustainable and fashionable.

No animal is harmed, not one tree is burned down – the shoes are built from entirely re-used and recycled materials. The main material is Apple Eco Leather, which is actually 50% apple waste that is dried and grounded into powder, mixed with pigments and a binder, spread out onto a canvas and turned into a leather-like material.

Recycled rubber from used tires is colored with biological paint. It is strong and of high quality. The process of recycling is innovative and economically sound and environmentally-friendly. 

The company is conscious of their ecological impact and control transportation, limiting it to an absolute minimum.


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